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Subject Changes of Handle, etc. and Addition of Dustproof Washer 55

For Models HR4000C

Description In order to prevent particles of dust from coming in through ventilating ducts and locking
carbon brushes;
1) The position of ventilating ducts has shifted to rear handle from crank housing.
2) Baffle Plate has been modified in accordance with the shift of ventilating ducts.
3) Dustproof Washer 55 has newly been inserted between Change Lever and
Crank Housing Cover.
See page 2 and 3 for the details of these changes and how to disassemble the new type.

Current New

Cooling air
particles of dust

Cooling air
cleaner than the current

Item No. Current part Q'ty I/C New part Q'ty Note
Handle Handle For all countries
096 1 No 1
416290-9 416985-4 except China and
Hong Kong
Handle Complete Handle Complete For China and
096 1 No 1
150858-8 151762-4 Hong Kong
Crank Housing Cover Crank Housing Cover
Complete 1 No Complete 1 Interchangeable as a set
159967-0 151761-6
Baffle Plate Baffle Plate
098 1 No 1
416296-7 416987-0
Dustproof Washer 55 1

From serial No.84737E (Feb.,1999)
Current New
(Part No.159967-0) (Part No.151761-6)

Complete modified to receive Dustproof
Washer 55

cross section view of Change Lever side
Ventilating Ducts have been eliminated.
(Part No.416290-9 or 150858-8) (Part No.416985-4 or 151762-4)


Ventilating Duct

(Part No.416296-7) (Part No.416987-0)

Baffle Plate

Dustproof Washer 55
Always set Dustproof Washer 55
Crank Housing Cover Complete
to Crank Housing Cover first,
and then set Change Lever in place.

Change Lever Dustproof Washer 55
How to Disassemble:
1) Crank Housing Cover:
Follow the disassembling steps as described below,
and it would be much easier to disassemble the new type machine.

1 Keep the space just a little between
the outside of round protrusion of Crank Housing
and the inside of Crank Housing Cover.

2 Insert a (-) screwdriver into the gap between
Crank Housing Cover and Motor Housing.


5 3 Move Crank Housing Cover towards the side of
Drill Chuck while lifting up Crank Housing Cover
with a (-) screwdriver.

4 Move Crank Housing Cover till it comes over
the round protrusion of Crank Housing.

5 Tap the point of Crank Housing Cover
(pointed with an arrow in the illustration)
with a resin-head hammer,
3 and Crank Housing Cover can be removed

2) Armature Ass'y:
It is recommended to use a repairing tool (Large Gear Extractor/ Part No.1R045)
when taking out Armature Ass'y with ease because of the change of Baffle Plate.

Turn clockwise
Large Gear Extractor
(Part No.1R045)