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A/V Receiver

Latest DSP technology employed in DENON's critically acclaimed
D.D.S.C-Digital circuitry for the finest in multi-channel audio performance

I 'New DDSC-Digital,' for dramatically improved processing performance I Auto Set-up and Room EQ featuring Audyssey MultEQ,
The New DDSC (Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit)-Digital is a high-quality for overall listening area support
surround sound reproduction circuit designed by Denon, and forms the core of the The AVR-3806 includes an Auto Set-up function that performs basic settings for the
design concept that Denon pursues for all its A/V amps: to faithfully reproduce the speakers based on frequency response data for the speakers and the listening room
original intent of content producers. Denon has succeeded in developing a fully that was measured by a supplied high-performance microphone, and a Room EQ
discrete design for the New DDSC-Digital in which high-performance ICs are (equalizer) function that optimizes frequency response characteristics for the listening
used in independent blocks to form a signal processor that reproduces surround room. The AVR-3806 is also capable of obtaining data for up to 6 listener positions
sound, and the discrete design ensures that all channels are endowed with identical which it analyzes using Audyssey's newly-formulated algorithms, and performs equal-
response and quality of sound. ization to match the overall listening area and create an ideal home theatre environment.
I High-Quality Sound Reproduction
I Fully Discrete,Equal Power 7 Amplifier Channels,120 Watts Each