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Models No. 4603D/DW
New Tool

Description Battery-Powered Pruning Shear

Improved version of the existing Model 4602D/DW. 49mm(1-15/16") 78mm(3-1/16")
Its cutting performance is much improved as new type blades
are employed. It is ideal for easy pruning of shrubs, vines or
light branch trimming. Model 4603D is sold without a battery
and a fast charger. Model 4603DW includes a battery 1401 and
a fast charger DC1401.


DC Magnet Motor 14.4 V
Max. Cutting Capacity 25 mm (1") in diameter
Strokes per Minutes 100
Net Weight 1.0 kg (2.3 lbs.)

Standard equipment
Model 4603D :None
Model 4603DW: Fast Charger DC1401, Battery 1401, Oil Supply, Hex Wrench 3, Hex Wrench 4, Diamond File
140-170, Socket Wrench 13, Holster, Torsion Spring 25, Shear Blade (U), Steel Carrying Case

Optional accessories
Fast Charger DC1401, Battery 1401, Shear Blade (U), Shear Blade (L), Diamond File 140-170

Features and benefits
1.Compared with the existing Model 4602D/DW, Model 4603D/DW is much improved in the cutting performance.

The following features are the same as Model 4602D/DW.
2. Can cut branches up to 25 mm (1") in diameter.
3. Compact and lightweight for easy handling.
4. A battery 1401 with large capacity allows longer use on a single charge.
5. Lock-off button for added safety.
6. Overload protector safeguards against motor burnout.
7. The blades can be replaced without disassembling the housings.

The standard equipment for the tools shown may differ from country to country.