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Service Bulletin
SB Number: SB 2K3-003 Creation Date: 04/03/2011
Subject: Firmware upgrade (Firmware pack 1.02)
Model: FS-6025MFP/6025MFP(B)/6030MFP

Item Contents
1 Added support for BAM. The recovery timing from the power saving priority mode has been shortened and
2 Improvement of the Fax When the Fax is set to the one touch screen, and you press the reset key to cancel
one touch screen timing. a selected address, the time to reset the screen has been shortened.
3 Incorrect barcode print-out. The barcode may not be printed or may be printed incorrectly.
4 Error code CF248 Error code CF248 may occur.

Type Program No. Version
Upgrade Pack Ver. 2K3_V1.02E 1.02
MAIN 2K3_2F00.001.403 001.403
MMI 2K3_7000.001.404 001.404
ENGINE 2K3_1000.004.002 004.002
IO 2K3_1E00.001.010 001.010
DP 3M8_9500.002.001 002.001
FAX BOOT/APL * 5JR_5500.B01.019 B01.019
Firmware notes *: BOOT: B01.019 / APL: B01.019

Classification Entire stock rework In-field modification at next visit X No modification necessary
In-field modification by case
Field measure When the above mentioned phenomena occur, please upgrade the firmware to the latest

Serial numbers of affected machines
Type Serial number
FS-6025MFP/6025MFP/B/6030MFP February 2011 production.
The above mentioned changes have been applied to machines produced after the above mentioned production date.

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