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Service Bulletin
SB Number: SB 3JY-002 Creation Date: 01/06/2007
Subject: Firmware change, new model compatibility chart
Model: DF-710/730, DP-710
The F/W is changed to support the new models, specifically the KM-C4035E.

The below table describes the compatibility between current and new machines/accessories. It becomes clear that only the new DF-710/730 and
DP-710 are compatible with the new KM-C4035E. The new DF/DP models are compatible with all the current and new colour MFP's, whereas the
current DF/DP rnage will cover all but one model; the KM-C4035E.

Compatible with present model Support for new model
Main body to
KM-C2520/C3225/C3232 KM-C2520/C3225/C3232
which it can be
KM-C2525E/C3232E KM-C2525E/C3232E/C4035E

Label on the
outer carton

DF-710 DF-730 DP-710 DF-710 DF-730 DP-710
Item code: 1203JY0UN0 1205H10UN0 1203J90KL0 1203JY0U10 1205H10U10 1203J90K10

Related part information

No. Old part number New part number Description ability Remarks
Old New Old New

1 303JY01022 303JY01023 MIDDLE PWB ASS'Y 1 1 X O F/W VER. 3JY_9600.004.002

2 303JY80014 303JY80015 1 1 X O F/W VER. 3JY_9200.006.003

3 303J901011 303J901012 DRIVER PWB ASS'Y 1 1 X O F/W VER. 3J9_9500.004.005

4 305H180020 TBA PBA-CONT-F 1 1 X O F/W VER. 5H1_9200.002.007

Contents of change in firmware

Model Item Contents
DF-710 Support for new model Changed to support cycle speed of the KM-C4035E
DF-730 (KM-C4035E)

2 DF-710 The timing of paper In order to reduce the sound of the paper holding lever hitting the main tray, the
holding solenoid has been operation timing of the paper holding solenoid has been changed as follows
3 DF-710 Measure against JAM 88 There might be the possibility that JAM88 might occur when copying 3 sheets
occurring due to 3 sheets Monochrome A4 copy & 2 staples continuously. Therefore, it is corrected.
monochrome A4 & 2
staples (JAM88: Main tray
eject JAM)

4 DP-710 The paper feeding timing On the Auto Selection mode, there is a possibility that small size original is detected
at Auto Selection mode as large size original and paper is output with half of the image printed on large
has been changed. sized paper. Therefore, it is corrected.

KMIS Service Team, Kyocera Mita Europe 8095 / SB 3JY-002