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Service Bulletin
SB Number: SB 2LY-002 Creation Date: 30/09/2010
Subject: Firmware upgrade (Black streak on the print-out)
Model: FS-1120D/1320D

Item Contents
Black streak on the print-out. The vertical black streak may appear 1-2mm from the left edge of the print-out,
due to the incorrect register value for the laser scanner. Therefore the register
value has been corrected.

Type Program No. Check SUM Version Status Date Applicable Model
SYSTEM 2LZ_3000003002 4297 003.002 23/08/2010 FS-1120D/1320D
ENGINE 2LY_1000003001 3365 003.001 08/07/2010 FS-1120D
ENGINE 2LZ_1000003001 106f 003.001 08/07/2010 FS-1320D

Classification Entire stock rework In-field modification at next visit In-field modification by case No modification necessary
Field measure When the above mentioned phenomenon occurs, please upgrade the firmware to the latest

Serial numbers of affected machines
Type Serial number
FS-1120D Q5Y0824563
FS-1320D Q630826686
Machines produced after the above mentioned serial numbers, should not have the above mentioned phenomena.

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