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Models No. 2702
New Tool

Description 210mm(8-1/4"),255mm(10")Table Saw

Model 2702,2703 are improved versions of the existing Model
686mm (27")
2708.Their brief benefits are;
*Large table 560mm (22")
*Easy operation for adjusting depth of cut and bevel angle

*Excellent chip/sawdust ejection

*Self-a1igning rip fence with a single handle control
*Tool storage pocket
*Epuipped with electric brake
*Switch is equipped with auto-off function, which will
automatically change swirch position from "ON" to "OFF"
when power down while switch-on. (Only for Europe)

Continuous Rating (W)
Voltage (V) Current (A) Cycle (Hz) Input Output Max. Output(W)
100 15.0 50/60 1430 760 1900
120 15.0 50/60 1650 950 2200
220 7.9 50/60 1650 950 2200
230 7.5 50/60 1650 950 2200
240 7.2 50/60 1650 950 2200

No load speed 4,600rpm
Arbor diameter U.S.A.,Canada and Mexico 15.88mm(5/8")
Europe(2702 only) 30mm
Other countries 25.4mm(1")
Blade diameter 2702 210mm(8-1/4")
2703 255mm(10")
Net weight 18Kg(40.01bs)
Cord length 2.5m(8.2ft)

Cutting capacities (HxW)
2702 2703
0 68mm(2-11/16") 91mm(3-9/16")
45 47mm(1-3/4") 63mm(2-1/2")

Standard equipment
Ruler Ass' y------------------------------------------------ 1 pc.
Angle Rule Ass' y----------------------------------------- 1 pc.
Wrench 19-------------------------------------------------- 1 pc.
Wrench 13-22---------------------------------------------- 1 pc.
Holder Cap Opener---------------------------------------- 1 pc.
Ring---------------------------------------------------------- 1 pc. (except for U.S. A. ,Canada, Mexico and Europe)
T.C.T. Saw Blade 210(2702)----------------------------- 1 pc.
T.C.T. Saw Blade 255(2703)----------------------------- 1 pc.
Stand Set-----------------------------------------------------1 pc. (For Europe)

Optional accessories
Stand Set Joint (connecting to Vacuum Cleaner 406 or 410)
Subtable R,L Center Cover(For U.S.A.,Canada and Mexico)
Dado Head Set(For U.S.A.,Canada and Mexico) Outer Flange(For U.S.A.,Canada and Mexico)

Features and benefits
1. Double insulated
2. See the sheets attached for more information.
The standard equipment for the tools shown may differ from country to country.
Equipped with Electric brake
Powerful hi-tech motor of 15A(1650W)
SKIL #3400 13A
DELTA #36-540 13A
Makita #2708 12A
T.C.T. Saw Blade
Material can be cut smoothly and quickly.
2703...255mm(10") 24teeth
2702...210mm(8-1/4") 18teeth

Riving knife
Large table for Saw blade and riving Grip for installing rip fence
easy work knife move up and down Easy setting of rip fence by
in parallel. single handle operatioon.

Dust nozzle
Chip/sawdust can be ejected smoothly.
Vacuum cleaner such as #406,#410 can
be connected with by Joint.

Handwheel for adjusting
bevel angle
Easy setting of bevel angle
by handwheel Rack-and-Pinion
hold saw blade and prevent
standing streight while
losing Lever.
Angle Rule
Large handle for adjusting
depth of cut
Tool storage pocket
The wrenches and miter gauge can be
stored at the left hand side of the base.
The rip fence can be stored at the rear side of the base.

Stand Set
Saw Blade
(Optional accessory)
Stand set can be used
for 2708. This is the
standard equipment
for Europe.

Center of swing arc of Saw Blade is
located at the surface of table so
that cutting line is always at the
same position in any angle cutting.
Before assembling, grease the MAKITA grease on the turntable and moving faces shown below.
Movable points on the frame
Frame - moving face between slide sheets
Frame retainer - Moving face between leaf springs
Up/down guide shaft, up/down screws, teeth for up/down on the motor(saw)
Teeth for tilting on the motor(saw)
Elongation hole window on the plate(steel plate for fixing inclination)(both front/back sides)

Disassembling of motor and frame
Before disassembling, disconnect the saw cutter and safety cover.
1. Turn the machine upside down and place the motor(saw) with inclined 45..
2. Shift the motor to the position where the screws for mounting the screw bar retainer can be loosened.(See (i)
on the below figure.)
3. Pull out the spring pin mounting the bevel gear for up/down in the direction shown on the figure to take away
the bevel gear.(See the (ii) on the below figure.)
4. Disconnect the screws mounting the guide retainer and screw bar retainer.



Screw bar retainer
Bevel gear

Guide bar retainer
Assembling the frame to the motor
1. Set the flat washer 12(2 pieces) on the screw bar, and assemble the bevel gear mounted with the spring pin on
the gear housing.
2. Insert the guide bar into the gear housing.
3. Set the above parts on the frame while using care on the points shown below.
4. First assemble the guide bar at screw bar mounting side using the guide bar retainer.
5. Next assemble the guide bar at stay mounting side using the guide bar retainer.
6. At last assemble the screw bar using the screw bar retainer.

Note) The stay should pass through Guide bar Note) Place the gear housing plate
the hole for the frame. under the guide plate.
(The stay can be assembled later.)

Screw bar

Flat washer


Bevel gear

Note) Set in a way that the two flat washers hold
the screw bar mounting points on the frame.
Set the motor on the position where the screw
for mounting the screw bar retainer can be fastened.
Assembling the frame to the table
Adjust the adjust block so that the saw cutter can be parallel to the cutter edge of the table.(It can be adjusted after

Cutter edge of the table

Assemble so that these space
may become the same.

Adjust block

Assembling of the bevel lock lever
Adjust the mounting position so that you can get the positions shown on the below figure when fastening the bevel
lock lever at maximum.