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Models No. 4323
New Tool

Description Jig Saw

These jig saws are designed to be used for light work.
Their brief benefits are;
*Least vibration among same class models
*More comfortable

by large trigger switch, slidable dust cover and positive stop
at 45 bevel cut
*Chip/sawdust can be collected
by connecting to vacuum cleaner
Model Variable speed Jig Saw Blade
4322 No B-type
4323 Yes B-type ")
4322M No Makita-type 207mm
4323M Yes Makita-type

Continuous Rating (W)
Voltage (V) Current (A) Cycle (Hz) Max. Output(W)
Input Output
100 4.2 50/60 400 225 380
120 3.7 50/60 400 225 380
220 1.9 50/60 400 225 380
230 1.8 50/60 400 225 380
240 1.8 50/60 400 225 380

Strokes per minute 4322/4322M 3100spm
4323/4323M 500 - 3100spm
Max.cutting Wood 4322/4323 65mm(2-9/16")
capacities 4322M/4323M 40mm(1-9/16")
Soft steel 6mm(1/4")
Net weight 18Kg(4.01bs)
Cord length 2.0m(6.6ft)

Standard equipment
Jig Saw Blade B-10 ----------- 1 pc. (4322/4323)
Jig Saw Blade No.10---------- 1pc. (4322M/4323M)
Hex. Wrench 3----------------- 1pc.
The standard equipment may differ from country to country.
Optional accessories
Guide Rule Set
Kerf Board
Hose Complete 28-1.5
Hose Complete 28-3.0
Jig Saw Blade No.51, SB, 59, B-10-19, B-21-27, B-16L, BR-13 (4322/4323)
Jig Saw Blade No.1-5,8-10, 16, 17,41,42,BR-3 (4322M/4323M)

Features and benefits
1.Double insulated
2.See the attached sheet for more information.

The standard equipment for the tools shown may differ from country to country.
Less vibration

Lage trigger switch
easy to actuate

Speed adjusting dial
4323/4323M only

Slidable dust cover
prevents scattering
of chip/saedust Holding hex. wrench

Can be connected to
vacuum cleaner

Bevel cut can be performed