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Subject Removal of Caution Label

For Models HM0810, HM0821, HM0810B, HM1200, HM1201,HM1200K, HM1211, HM1200B,
HM1211B (Demolition Hammers)

HR2220, HR2510, HR2511, HR3510, HR3520, HR3521, HR3520B, HR3811, HR3850,
HR3851, HR3850K, HR3850B, HR5000, HR5000K (Rotary Hammers)

Description Caution Label illustrated below has been removed.

Caution Label : P.N. 810712-5


Item No. Current part Q'ty I/C New part Q'ty Note
Crank Cap Complete Crank Cap HM0810B, HM0810, HM0821
12 1 Yes 1
150368-5 411709-3
Crank Cap Complete Crank Cap HM1211, HM1200B, HM1211B,
1 Yes 1
12 150367-7 414218-1 HM1200, HM1201, HM1200K
Crank Cap Complete Crank Cap HR2220, HR3520, HR3521,
20 1 Yes 1
150367-7 411662-3 HR3520B, HR2510, HR2511
15 Crank Cap Complete Crank Cap HR3851,HR3850K, HR3850B,
1 Yes 1
150641-3 416136-9 HR3811, HR3850
Crank Cap Complete Crank Cap HR5000, HR5000K
14 1 Yes 1
150369-3 414218-1
Caution Label
14 1

HM0810: From serial No. 341386E (Apr., 1997) HR2220: From serial No. 50652E (Apr., 1997)
HM8021: Discontinued since Jun., 1991 HR2510: From serial No. 52010E (Apr., 1997)
HM0810B: From serial No. 31187E (Apr., 1997) HR2511: From your next order
HM1200: From serial No. 40097E (Apr., 1997) HR3520: From serial No. 120601E (Apr., 1997)
HM1201: From serial No. 65457E (Apr., 1997) HR3521: Discontinued since Aug., 1991
HM1200K: From serial No. 47636E (Apr., 1997) HR3520B: From serial No. 27988E (Apr., 1997)
HM1211: Discontinued since Oct., 1993 HR3811: From serial No. 12357E (May, 1997)
HM1200B: From serial No. 8374E (Apr., 1997) HR3850: From serial No. 71540E (Apr., 1997)
HM1211B: From serial No. 7842E (May, 1997) HR3851: From serial No. 31278E (Apr., 1997)
HR3850K: From serial No. 23702E (Apr., 1997)
HR3850B: From serial No. 38696E (Apr., 1997)
HR5000: From serial No. 39109E (Apr., 1997)
HR5000K: From serial No. 44334E (Apr., 1997)