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Quick installation guide
Deskstar 14GXP
Models: DTTA-371010

Handling precautions Quick installation procedure

1. Do not cover the breather hole! Covering the Note: It is advisable to backup all data before
breather hole may result in loss of data. proceeding with the installation.
If your system BIOS cannot handle large capacity
drives (due to inadequate address locations, most
systems are limited to accessing drives with a
capacity of 8.4GB or less), you may need to use a
disk overlay program such as Ontrack's Disk
2. Do not press on the drive! Do not apply any force Manager. The following procedure uses the Ontrack
to the drive during handling or installation. Disk Manager software. Information on obtaining a
copy of Ontrack's Disk Manager can be found on the
Web at www.ibm.com/harddrive.
Setting the jumpers
1. Refer to your computer manual to determine if you
require the 15- or 16-head logical architecture.
3. Always handle the drive with care to prevent
2. In a one drive system, configure your new drive as
damage from shock, vibration, or electrostatic
Master (Device 0).
discharge (ESD).
3. In a two drive system, one drive must be desig-
4. Do not open the static-protective bag containing the
nated as the Master, the other as the Slave (Device 1)
drive until required. Static electricity can damage the
4. When installing the new drive as a Slave, check the
drive. Master drive to determine if a jumper change is
5. Turn off and unplug your computer. Remove the
required to indicate that a Slave drive is present.
5. Consult your manual to see if your computer
6. When installing the drive, touch a grounded, supports Cable Select before choosing this option.
unpainted metal surface with the static-protective
package containing the drive for at least two seconds.
(This drains static electricity from the package and 16 head logical architecture 15 head logical architecture
Jumper pins Jumper pins
from your body.)
Master A-B & G-H Master A-C & G-H
7. Handle the drive carefully by the edges. Do not Slave A-B & C-D Slave A-C
touch any exposed printed circuit board. Cable Select A-B & E-F Cable Select A-C & E-F
8. Save the drive packaging material including the Slave Present E-F & G-H Slave Present A-C, E-F
ESD bag in the event that the drive must be returned. & G-H
Place the drive in an anti-static bag before placing it in
the shipping container. The warranty will be void if
the drive is not returned in IBM approved packaging. 39 19 1 I G E C A

40 20 2 H F D B

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Attaching the drive remove the new drive to return to your original
1. Turn off the computer, unplug the power cord, and configuration and contact technical support.
open the case.
2. Match pin 1 of the 40-pin cable to pin 1 of the drive
interface connector. Pin 1 is usually denoted by a
stripe along the edge of the cable.
3. Insert a power plug in either the 3- or 4-pin power
Mounting the Drive