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MA6450 Integrated Amplifier


McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. 2 Chambers Street Binghamton, New York 13903-2699 Phone: 607-723-3512 FAX: 607-724-0549
Thank You, Please Take A Moment,
Customer Service and Table of Contents

Thank You Table of Contents
For your decision to own this McIntosh MA6450 Inte- Thank You .......................................................................... 2
grated Amplifier ranks you at the very top among discrimi- Please Take a Moment ....................................................... 2
nating music listeners. You now have The Best. The Customer Service ............................................................... 2
McIntosh dedication to Quality, is assurance that you Table of Contents ............................................................... 2
will receive many years of musical enjoyment from this Safety Instructions ............................................................. 3
unit. Introduction ........................................................................ 4
Please take a short time to read the information in this Performance Features ........................................................ 4
manual. We want you to be as familiar as possible with all Installation ......................................................................... 5
the features and functions of your new McIntosh MA6450. Rear Panel Connections ..................................................... 6
This will ensure that you receive all the performance ben- How to Connect ................................................................. 7
efits this equipment can offer you, and that it will become a How to Connect for Video Switching ................................ 8
highly valued part of your home entertainment system. Front Panel Controls, Displays, Push-Buttons,
and Switches ...................................................................... 9
Please Take A Moment How to Operate ................................................................ 10
The serial number, purchase date and McIntosh dealer name HR-033 Push-Buttons ...................................................... 12
are important to you for possible insurance claim or future How to Operate by Remote Control ................................ 13
service. The serial number is located on the rear panel of the Specifications .................................................................. 14
equipment. The spaces below have been provided for you to Packing Instruction .......................................................... 15
record that information:

Serial Number: NOTES:
1. Connecting Cables are available from the McIntosh Parts
Purchase Date: Data and Power Control Cable Part No. 170-202
Six foot, shielded 2 conductor, with 1/8 inch stereo mini
phone plugs on each end.
Dealer Name: 2. For additional connection information, refer to the owners
manual(s) for any component(s) connected to the MA6450
Customer Service 3. There is a built-in turn on delay which will mute the speaker
If at any time you have questions about your McIntosh outputs for approximately two seconds when the amplifier is
MA6450 Intergrated Amplifier, contact your McIntosh turned on.
dealer. Your dealer is familiar with your McIntosh equip- 4. If the rear panel processor switch is set to the in position, and
ment as well as other brands that may be included in your a signal processor is not connected, no sound will be heard
through the system. When a signal processor is connected to
system and is best qualified to help you.
the MA6450 processor jacks, and the processor switch is set
to the in position, the processor must be on and operating, or
If it is determined that your MA6450 is in need of repair, in bypass mode, for a sound to be heard through the system.
you can return it to your dealer or you can return it to 5. It is very important that loudspeaker cables of adequate size
McIntosh Laboratory. Contact the McIntosh Repair Depart- be used in your music system, to ensure that there will be no
ment for assistance at, power loss or heating. Cable size is specified in Gauge
numbers or AWG, (American Wire Gauge). The smaller the
McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. Gauge number, the larger the wire size:
2 Chambers Street If your loudspeaker cables are 25 feet (7.62m) or less,
Binghamton, New York 13903 use at least 18 Gauge (AWG) wire size or larger.
If your loudspeaker cables are 50 feet (38.1m) or less,
Phone: 607-723-3512
use at least 16 Gauge (AWG) wire size or larger.
FAX: 607-724-0549 If your loudspeaker cables are 100 feet (76.2m) or less,
use at least 14 Gauge (AWG) wire size or larger.
Copyright 1997 by McIntosh Laboratory, Inc.

Safety Instructions

8. Do not use attachments not recommended in this
INSTRUCTIONS! owners manual as they may cause hazards.

OPERATING THIS EQUIPMENT. 9. Locate the equipment for proper ventilation. For ex-
ample, the equipment should not be placed on a bed,
sofa, rug, or similar surface that may block ventilation
openings; or, placed in a built-in installation, such as a
DO NOT OPEN. bookcase or cabinet, that may impede the flow of air
AVIS RISQUE DE CHOC - through the ventilation openings.
NE PAS OUVRIR. 10. Locate the equipment away from heat sources such as
radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other appliance (in-
cluding amplifiers) that produce heat.
11. Mount the equipment in a wall or cabinet only as de-
NO USER-SERVICEABLE scribed in this owners manual
PARTS INSIDE. REFER 12. Do not use this equipment near water; for example,
SERVICING TO near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, laundry tub, in
QUALIFIED PERSONNEL a wet basement or near a swimming pool, etc.
13. Do not place this product on an unstable cart, stand,
tripod, bracket, or table. The equipment may fall, caus-
ing serious injury to a person, and serious damage to
1. Read all the safety and operating instructions, contained
the product.
in this owners manual, before operating this equipment.
2. Retain this owners manual for future reference about
safety and operating instructions.
14. Connect this equipment only to the type of AC power
3. Adhere to all warnings and operating instructions.
source as marked on the unit.
4. Follow all operating and use instructions.
15. Route AC power cords so that they are not likely to be
5. Warning: To reduce risk of fire or electrical shock,
walked on or pinched by items placed upon or against
do not expose this equipment to rain or moisture.
them, paying particular attention to cords at plugs, con-
This unit is capable of producing high sound pressure
venience receptacles, and the point where they exit from
levels. Continued exposure to high sound pressure
the instrument.
levels can cause permanent hearing impairment or
16. Do not defeat the inherent design features of the polar-
loss. User caution is advised and ear protection is
ized plug. Non-polarized line cord adapters will defeat
recommended when playing at high volumes.
the safety provided by the polarized AC plug. If the
6. Caution: to prevent electrical shock do not use this
plug should fail to fit, contact your electrician to re-
(polarized) plug with an extension cord, receptacle or
place your obsolete outlet. Do not defeat the safety pur-
other outlet unless the blades can be fully inserted to
pose of the grounding-type plug.
prevent blade exposure.
17. Do not overload wall outlets, extension cords or inte-
Attention: pour pevenir les chocs elecriques pas
gral convenience receptacles as this can result in a risk
utiliser cette fiche polarisee avec un prolongateur, une
of fire or electric shock.
prise de courant ou un autre sortie de courant, sauf si
les lames peuvent etre inserees afond ans en laisser
aucune partie a decouvert. Care of Equipment:
7. For added protection for this product during a lightning 18. Clean the instrument by dusting with a dry cloth. Un-
storm, or when it is left unattended and unused for long plug this equipment from the wall outlet and clean the
periods of time, unplug it from the wall outlet and dis- panel with a cloth moistened with a window cleaner. Do
connect the antenna or cable system. This will prevent not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners.
damage to the product due to lightning or power line 19. Do not permit objects of any kind to be pushed and/or
surges. fall into the equipment through enclosure openings.

Safety Instructions cont,
Introduction and Performance Features

Never spill liquids into the equipment through enclo- Performance Features
sure openings. 100 Watt per Channel Integrated Amplifier
20. Unplug the power cord from the AC power outlet when The MA6450 combines 100 watt per channel power ampli-
left unused for a long period of time.
fier with a sophisticated control center in one compact unit.
Repair of Equipment:
21. Unplug this equipment from the wall outlet and refer Multiple Inputs
servicing to a qualified service personnel under the fol- Seven high level inputs provide for all popular program
lowing conditions: sources.
A. The AC power cord or the plug has been damaged.
B. Objects have fallen, or liquid has been spilled into Tone Control Bypass
the equipment. At the flat settings the Bass and Treble control circuit ele-
C. The equipment has been exposed to rain or water. ments are removed from the Listen signal path.
D. The equipment does not operate normally by follow-
ing the operating instructions contained within this Active Loudness Circuity
owners manual. Adjust only those controls that are A continuously variable active Loudness control allows
covered by the operating instructions, as an im- any degree of loudness compensation. All Loudness circuit
proper adjustment of other controls may result in elements are removed from the signal path in the flat set-
damage and will often require extensive work by a ting.
qualified technician to restore the product to its nor-
mal operation.
E. The equipment has been dropped or damaged in any
Electronic Input Switching
way. Digital Logic integrated circuits drive Electromagnetic
F. The equipment exhibits a distinct change in perfor- switches on all inputs and operating functions for reliable,
mance - this indicates a need for service. noiseless, distortion free switching
22. Do not attempt to service beyond that described in the
operating instructions. All other service should be re- Illuminated Peak Responding Output Meters
ferred to qualified service personnel. Output meters respond to 95% of full scale reading with a
23. When replacement parts are required, be sure the ser- single cycle of a 2KHz tone burst to indicate output power
vice technician has used replacement parts specified by with high accuracy.
McIntosh or have the same characteristics as the origi-
nal part. Unauthorized substitutions may result in fire, Power Guard with Sentry Monitor
electric shock, or other hazards. Patented McIntosh Power Guard circuit that prevents the
24. Upon completion of any service or repairs to this prod- amplifier from being overdriven into clipping with its harsh
uct, ask the service technician to perform safety checks distorted sound that can also damage your valuable loud-
to determine that the product is in proper operating con- speakers. Sentry Monitor power output stage protection
dition. circuits ensure the MA6450 will have a long and trouble
free operating life.

Introduction Speaker Switching
The remote controlled MA6450 is a sophisticated, yet easy Front panel Speakers push-buttons control two pairs of
to operate Integrated Amplifier that will provide the supe- speakers.
rior fidelity music reproduction that is traditional from
McIntosh. It includes a wide range of convenient operating Special Power Supply
functions to enhance your listening enjoyment. The classic
Fully regulated power supply with a shielded power trans-
McIntosh MA6450 will perfectly complement a pair of
former ensures stable noise free operation.
McIntosh Loudspeakers for a stereo system of incompa-
rable performance and style.


The MA6450 can be placed upright on a table or shelf, nite asset in maintaining all the system components at the
standing on its four feet. It also can be custom installed in a coolest possible operating temperature.
piece of furniture or cabinet of your choice. The required A custom cabinet installation should provide the follow-
panel cutout, ventilation cutout and unit dimensions are ing minimum spacing dimensions for cool operation. Allow
shown. at least 2 inches (5.1cm) above the top and 1 inch (2.54
Always provide adequate ventilation for your MA6450. cm) on each side of the amplifier, so that airflow is not ob-
Cool operation ensures the longest possible operating life structed. 21 inches (53.3cm) depth behind the mounting
for any electronic instrument. Do not install the MA6450 panel, which includes clearance for connectors. Allow 1-1/
directly above a heat generating component such as a high 8 inches (2.9cm) in front of the mounting panel for knob
powered amplifier. If all the components are installed in a clearance. Be sure to cut out a ventilation hole in the
single cabinet, a quiet running ventilation fan can be a defi- mounting shelf according to the dimensions in the drawing.

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Front View of the MA6450

custom installed @q8h

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Side View of the MA6450 PyvrsVv

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Bottom View of the MA6450
custom installed % 7Wvr


MA6450 Rear Panel Connections

MA6450 Rear Panel Connections

SUM Data port MAIN OUTPUTS send signals to power amplifier PROCESSOR FROM TAPE 1, and
allows connection inputs, POWER AMP IN jacks accept signals from and TO jacks along TAPE 2 inputs
of a McIntosh Re- an external preamplifier or signal source, EXT-INT with PROCESSOR are for tape
mote Control PWR AMP INPUT switch disconnects the power IN-OUT switch for an recorders
Translator amplifier from the built-in preamplifier external signal proces-

DATA PORTS send signals RECORD TAPE 1 High Level Inputs
to compatible source com- and 2 OUTPUTS accept signals from
ponents to allow you to supply record signals the output of a
remotely control them for tape recorders TUNER, CD 1&2,
and AUX

Fuse holder,
refer to
on the back POWER CONTROL
panel to deter- Output sends a turn-on
mine the cor- SWITCHED signal to a McIntosh
rect fuse size outlet turns on VIDEO, inputs for Component
and rating. and off with the audio signals from a
MA6450 main LD, VCR, TV or the
power switch optional MVS-3 A/V
Connect the
MA6450 power
cord to a live AC SPEAKERS 1 and
outlet. Refer to SPEAKERS 2 allow
information on the two pairs of speakers
back panel to de- to be connected
termine the cor-
rect voltage. The EXT (external)
UNSWITCHED Sensor for a McIntosh
outlet stays on all IR sensor
the time

How to Connect the MA6450

How to Connect the MA6450 the Power Control In on a McIntosh component or
1. Connect the MA6450 power cord to a live AC outlet. Power Controller.
2. Connect cables from a pair of speakers to the 6. Connect a cable(s) from the DATA PORTS to the com-
SPEAKER 1 Outputs. ponents that are to be controlled by the MA6450.
Note: After connecting the 7. Connect a Coax cable from the EXT SENSOR to a
loudspeakers, install the McIntosh wall sensor or WK-2 Keypad in a second
supplied protective covers room.
(located in an accessory
package in the shipping NOTE: If a Signal Processor is Used, connect cables from the
carton) over the loudspeaker Signal Processor Outputs to the PROCESSOR FROM
terminals. jacks and the Signal Processor Inputs to the
3. Connect a cable from the TAPE 1 OUTPUTS to the PROCESSOR TO jacks. Set the MA6450 PROCESSOR
Record Inputs of a tape recorder and the TAPE 1 IN- switch to IN. The processor must be on or in bypass
PUTS to a tape recorder Outputs. mode for a signal to be heard.
4. Connect cables from a McIntosh CD Player to the CD1
INPUTS. Connect a McIntosh tuner to the TUNER IN- McIntosh CD Player
5. Connect a cable from the POWER CONTROL jack to

Tape Recorder
McIntosh Tuner

Signal Processor

To AC Outlet
Second Room

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Right Loudspeaker Left Loudspeaker Right Loudspeaker Left Loudspeaker McIntosh PC-3

How to Connect the MA6450
for Video Switching

How to Connect the MA6450 for Video
1. Connect the MVS-3 power cord to the Switched outlet. MVS-3 LV AUDIO INPUTS, the video output to the
2. Connect a Data cable from the MA6450 VIDEO DATA MVS-3 LV VIDEO INPUT and the DATA OUT to the
3. Connect the MVS-3 CONTROL CENTER OUTPUTS 6. Connect other video source components to the appro-
to the MA6450 VIDEO Inputs. priate audio and video inputs on the MVS-3.
4. Connect the MVS-3 VIDEO MONITOR OUTPUT to a
TV or Monitor.
5. Connect a McIntosh LD Player audio outputs to the

To AC Outlet

McIntosh MVS-3
A/V Selector

McIntosh LD Player

MA6450 Front Panel Controls,
Display, Push-Buttons and Switches

MA6450 Front Panel Controls, Display, Push-
Buttons and Switches

METERS indicate power
output of the amplifier

TREBLE control provide POWER GUARD LEDs light VOLUME control allows
12dB boost or cut with a when the amplifier channel you to adjust the listening
flat center position. Power Guard Circuit activates level at the output(s)

Input switch selects
Muting LED
which of the five input
lights to indicate
sources will appear at
muting is active
the outputs

BASS control provide Select tape MONO push- POWER ON/OFF
12dB boost or cut with playback button combines push-button turns
a flat center position. from either the left and right the MA6450 ON, or
of two tape channel signals OFF (Standby)
recorders for Mono opera-
tion at the Main
and speaker out-
LOUDNESS control
(smaller inner knob)
provides adjustable fre-
quency response con-
toured to compensate
IR (Infra Red) sensor ac- Copy tapes from SPEAKERS 1 and 2 for the behavior of the
cepts IR signals directly either of two tape push-buttons select one human ear at softer lis-
from an HR033 Remote recorders to the pair of speakers, or both tening levels.
Control other pairs simultaneously The BALANCE control
(large outer knob) al-
lows you to adjust the
relative volume balance
between channels.

How to Operate the MA6450

How to Operate the MA6450
Power On
Press the POWER push-button to turn the MA6450 on tion. All tone control circuit elements are removed from the
and off. signal path when the controls are in the center or flat posi-
Note: The red LED above the push-button stays on tion.
whenever the MA6450 power cord is connected to a
live outlet. You may also turn the MA6450 on and off Loudness Control
using the HR033 Remote Control. After first setting the desired listening volume, rotate the
LOUDNESS control clockwise to increase the intensity of
NOTE: You may also turn on the MA6450 using the HR033
the bass according to your listening preference. When the
Remote Control.
LOUDNESS control is in the fully counter clockwise or
flat position, all loudness circuit elements are removed
Source Selection
from the signal path.
Select the desired listening source with the Input Switch.
Tape Mon 1 and 2
Press the MONO push-button to combine left and right ste-
Press a TAPE MON (Tape Monitor) push-button to play-
reo signals to mono at MAIN OUTPUT and SPEAKERS 1
back a previously recorded tape or monitor a tape playback
and 2.
during the recording process.

NOTE: The TAPE MON push-buttons are electronically
interlocked so only one recorder playback can be Press MUTE on the Remote Control to mute audio in the
selected at a time. If a 3 head tape recorder is being MAIN OUTPUT and SPEAKERS 1 and 2. Press again,
used, you can monitor the tape playback during the select another Input or press a Tape Mon push-button to
recording process by pressing the appropriate TAPE unmute.
MON push-button.
NOTE: When the MA6450 is in Mute, the Speakers push-
Volume Control buttons, Mono push-button and Tape Copy push-buttons
Adjust the VOLUME control for the desired listening are inoperative.

Balance Control
Adjust the BALANCE control as needed to
achieve approximately equal listening volume
levels in each loudspeaker. Turn the BAL-
ANCE to the Left to emphasize the left channel
by reducing the level of the right channel. Turn
the BALANCE to the right to emphasize the
right channel by reducing the level of the left

Bass and Treble Controls
Adjust the BASS and TREBLE controls to suit
your listening preferences. The bass or treble
intensity can be increased with clockwise rota-
tion and decreased with counterclockwise rota-

Figure 1

How to Operate the MA6450

Speakers 1 and 2 How to Read the Power Output Meters
Press SPEAKERS 1 or 2 push-buttons to switch the two The MA6450 Power Output Meter scales are based on us-
pairs of speakers on or off. You can press either push-but- ing 4 ohm loudspeakers. The meters are peak responding
ton individually, or both together. and indicate the power output of each channel with high
accuracy when the amplifier is reproducing music. The
Reset of Microprocessors power outputs for the meter scale indications between the
In the event that the controls of the MA6450 stop function- numerical markings (high lighted in gray) are shown be-
ing, remove the MA6450 power cord from the AC outlet. low.
Wait approximately two minutes and then replace the
power cord in the outlet. This will reset the MA6450 mi-
croprocessors and the amplifier should be functioning nor-

NOTE: The above condition is usually caused by either
interruptions in AC power and/or major changes in

How to Make a Tape Recording
Select the desired input source to be recorded with the In-
put selector switch. This signal will appear at both Tape HrrSrhqvt
Outputs 1 and 2 and allow either or both machines to P

record the selected signal. The selected signal source will
also be available at the main outputs and both pairs of
speaker outputs. To play back the recording, press a TAPE #Xh
MON push-button. Refer to Figure 1.
NOTE: If a 3 head tape recorder is being used, you can monitor
the tape playback during the recording process by Xh
pressing the appropriate TAPE MON push-button.

How To Make an Audio Tape Copy
Press the TAPE COPY 1-2 push-button to copy tapes from
Tape Recorder 1 in playback mode to tape recorder 2 in Xh
record mode. Press TAPE COPY 2-1 to copy tapes from
Tape Recorder 2 in playback mode to Tape Recorder 1 in #Xh
record mode. During the tape copy process, you can listen
to tape playback by pressing a TAPE MON push-button. !Xh

Refer to Figure 1.

NOTE: You can also listen to any other signal source while #Xh
copying a tape.



HR033 Push-Buttons

HR033 Push-Buttons

Select any of the five high
level audio sources

Selects Tape
Monitor 1 or 2
Selects any one of five
externaly switched Audio/
Use to select tuner
Video Program Sources
presets or any num-
bered operation.
Select AM tuner Select FM tuner
operating functions operating func-
Selects tuner sta-
tions presets and Tunes to the next
certain McIntosh radio station.
CD Players.
Select CD player, CD
changer or tape recorder
Press to turn off
the MA6450 Select two pairs
of speakers

Press to turn the
MA6450 ON or
Mutes the

Adjusts the volume
level up or down
Turns power ON to a
component connected via
the Data Port.

Note: The HR033 Remote Control push-buttons
that are shown in black only work with
other McIntosh Products.

How to Operate the HR033

How to Operate HR033
Mute Speaker Selection
Press MUTE to mute the audio signals at the MAIN OUT- Press SPKR 1 or SPKR 2 push-buttons to switch two pairs
PUTS and SPEAKERS. The MUTE LED, to the right of of speakers on and off separately or together.
the volume control will turn onto indicate that Mute is ac-
tive. Press MUTE a second time to unmute audio Acc On
Press ACC ON to turn power ON of a McIntosh LV or
Mono DVD Disc Player.
Press the MONO push-button to combine left and right ste-
reo signals to mono at the MAIN OUTPUT and SPEAK- NOTE: When other brands of components are connected with a
ERS McIntosh Remote Control Translator (RCT), refer to
the RCT Owners Manual for further information on
alternate HR033 push-button functions.
Press any of the five Audio push-buttons to select a pro-
gram source.

Video/Audio Selection
When the optional McIntosh MVS-3 Audio/Video Selector
is added, first press VIDEO, and then the desired push-but-
ton to select any of the five A/V sources connected to the

Use these push-buttons to operate a CD player, CD changer
or tape recorder, when the component is connected to the
MA6450 with a McIntosh RCT Translator.

Numbered Push-buttons
Press push-buttons 0 through 9 to access tuner station pre-
sets or CD tracks/discs.

Tuner Push-buttons
Use with a McIntosh tuner. Select AM or FM broadcast
band. Press and release SEEK Up or Down to move from
station to station. Press and hold a SEEK push-button to
move continuously from station to station. Press REVIEW
to start the automatic brief audition of each of the presets
stored in the tuner memory. Press REVIEW a second time
to stop on a station preset and exit the Review process.

Press the Up or Down VOLUME push-button to raise or
lower the listening volume level.

NOTE: The Tape Record Outputs are not affected.


Power Output Per Channel Power Requirements
100 watts into 4 ohm loads minimum sine wave continuous 100 Volts, 50/60Hz at 3.6 amps
average power output per channel both channels operating. 110 Volts, 50/60Hz at 3.6 amps
120 Volts, 50/60Hz at 3.6 amps
Output Load Impedance 220 Volts, 50/60Hz at 1.8 amps
4 ohms 230 Volts, 50/60Hz at 1.8 amps
240 Volts, 50/60Hz at 1.8 amps
Rated Power Band
20Hz to 20,000Hz NOTE: Refer to the rear panel of the MA6450 for the correct
Dynamic Headroom
2.4dB Dimensions
Front Panel: 17/1/2 inches (44.5cm) wide, 5-3/8 inches
Frequency Response (13.7cm) high. Depth behind front mounting panel is 18 1/8
+0, -0.5dB from 20Hz to 20,000Hz inches (46cm) including clearance for connectors. Panel
clearance required in front of mounting panel is 1-1/8
Total Harmonic Distortion inches (2.9cm).
0.005% maximum at any power level from 250 milliwatts
to rated power per channel from 20Hz to 20,000Hz, all Weight
channels operating. 41 pounds (18.6Kg) net, 60 pounds (27.2Kg) in shipping
Intermodulation Distortion
0.005% maximum if instantaneous peak output per channel
does not exceed twice the rated output with all channels
operating for any combination of frequencies from 20Hz to

Signal To Noise Ratio
110dB below rated output, Power Amplifier
100dB below rated output, Preamplifier

250mV for 2.5V rated output, Preamplifier inputs
2.5V for rated output, Power Amplifier

Preamplifier Maximum Voltage Output
8V from 20Hz to 20,000Hz

Preamplifier Maximum Input Signal

Damping Factor
Greater than 40

Packing Instructions

Packing Instructions Quantity Part Number Description
1 033838 Shipping carton only
In the event it is necessary to repack the equipment for ship-
2 033837 End Cap (Foam Pad)
ment, the equipment must be packed exactly as shown be-
low. It is very important that the four plastic feet are at-
1 033836 Inside carton only
tached to the bottom of the equipment. This will ensure the
1 033725 Top Pad
proper equipment location on the bottom pad. Failure to do
1 033698 Bottom pad
this will result in shipping damage.
3 017218 Plastic foot (spacer)
Use the original shipping carton and interior parts only if
1 033699 Wood skid
they are all in good serviceable condition. If a shipping car-
3 101169 #10 x 2- Wood screw
ton or any of the interior part(s) are needed, please call or
3 104033 #10 x 1- Wood screw
write Customer Service Department of McIntosh Labora-
tory. Please see the Part List for the correct part numbers.
4 017218 Plastic foot
4 100159 #10-32 x Machine screw
4 104080 #10 x 7/16 Flat washer

1 048432 Shipping carton complete with
all the above parts

McIntosh Laboratory, Inc.
2 Chambers Street
Binghamton, NY 13903

McIntosh Part No. 040561