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DSR-305 Consumer Satellite Receiver
Compact digital satellite receiver for home entertainment.
Motorola designed the DSR-305 as a cost effective consumer digital satellite receiver to target aggressive business expansion and market penatration goals for today's direct broadcast satellite market. Based on a long and successful heritage of broadband communications products and experience, the Motorola DSR-305 offers an unique set of features, including: > S-Video output connector for today's high-end televisions > MPEG-2 digital video for satellite digital quality video > Dolby surround sound for digital quality audio > Integrated on-screen display downloaded from the satellite > Impulse-Pay-Per-View (IPPV) for movies, sports and special events with automatic reportback for billing > 2:1 TV/Satellite Infrared (IR) remote control MPEG-2 All Digital Video S-Video Output Impulse-Pay-Per-View Integrated On-Screen Display New Small Chassis Design 2:1 TV/Satellite IR Remote Control