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TechJET 5500 Color Plotter/Printer Firmware Upgrade Instructions: Parallel Port
Technical Support Help (800) 451-7568 Updated: 27 May 1997

Hardware Connection Requirements:
* PC Host Computer with a working parallel port (e.g., LPT1).
* Parallel cable with a Centronics connector.
* CalComp TechJET 55xx Plotter must be connected to a PC directly
for this configuration.

Obtaining Firmware:
* The latest firmware for the TechJET 5500 plotter is available from
the CalComp BBS (714/236-3045 or 714/821-2359). The firmware files are
located in the Plotter and Printer (D-size or larger) Files and Drivers

Procedure for Upgrading the Firmware:

Note: Depending on the firmware version installed, the messages
described below may vary slightly.

* Turn on the plotter and within five seconds, press and hold the left
and right arrow keys.

The plotter will display "Awaiting download file".

* At the DOS prompt, type:

COPY /B c:55_182ps.FRC LPT1 (if the plotter is connected to LPT1).

where xxx represents the firmware version.

* The message "Downloading..." is displayed at the plotter followed by:
"Rev. x.xx Press ONLINE key".

* Press the ONLINE key. The message "Erasing Block... 1234567" is
displayed at the plotter followed by "Burning Flash... 1234567".
These messages are repeated three times.

* The message "Unloaded, insert media or press menu" is displayed at the
plotter when the download process has completed. If media is already
installed, the message "Online" is displayed.

* To verify that the firmware has been downloaded, press the MENU key.
Press the the Down Arrow key to select PRINT STATUS. Use the Left Arrow
key to display the firmware version. The message "b.bb/m.mm/k.kkX"is
displayed, where:
b.bb represents the Boot ROM version;
m.mm represents the Firmware Code version;
k.kk represents the Engine Controller Code version;
X represents the PostScript option (P=installed).

If the correct version is not displayed, then repeat the firmware
upgrade procedure.