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Ver. 1.0 2009.03 Auto-ADJ
Revision History

For adjusting these models, the Adjust manual and the Adjust station are required.
For details of installing the Adjust station and the Adjust manual, please refer to the Service manual ADJ of DCR-

Adjust station
It is the software to start Adjust manual for the specified product.

Adjust manual
It is the software to adjust and check digital cameras and camcorders for service. The executable file (.exe) for each
product is available.
For the operating procedure of the Adjust manual, after starting the Adjust manual software, please refer to "About
the Adjust manual software" on the `NOTE' tab.

Note: In case of updating the Adjust manual or the Adjust station program, install with overwriting it.

Adjust manual Installation

Note 1: Be sure to install Adjust station first.
Note 2: Do not change the initially set folder to which the program is forwarded to.

1. Download the Adjust manual (DSC-HX1 Series AM Ver_ . r .zip) from ESI home page.
2. Double-click setup.exe.
3. The installation window appears.
Click [Next]. Adjust manual installation starts.
4. The widow to choose the destination folder of the Adjust manual program appears.
Click [Next].
5. When Adjust manual is installed normally, the confirmation window appears.
Click [Finish]. The installer is closed.

DSC-HX1_ADJ 2009.03
9-852-686-51 Sony EMCS Co. Published by Kohda TEC


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Revision History

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