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CONTENTS Safety precautions...................................................................................... 1 Alignment instructions ................................................................................ 2 Working principle analysis of the unit...............................................................8 Block diagram........................................................................................... 9 IC block diagram.........................................................................................10 Wiring diagram ......................................................................................... 15 Troubleshooting......................................................................................... 16 Schematic diagram .................................................................................... 18 APPENDIX-A: Main assembly list APPENDIX-B: Exploded view

Note: This service manual is only for professional service personnel's reference. Before servicing the unit, please read the following items carefully.

Safety instruction
1. X-RAY radiation precaution
1.1 Excessive voltage will cause harmful X-ray. To avoid this radiation hazard, the high voltage should fall within the limitation. The appliance works at AC 120V, 60Hz. The high voltage of zero beam current (brightness is min) should be within 30kV on condition that the main power voltage is 110V(13", 20"), 130V(24") and 135V(37"). And it should not exceed 33kV in any condition. When servicing, please refer to the HIGH VOLTAGE CHECK procedure this service manual before check the high voltage and the high voltage meter should be reliable and accurate. * Keep the main power voltage at 110V(13", 20"), 130V(24") and 135V(37") when checking the high voltage. 1.2 The primary source of X-RAY RADIATION is the CRT. The CRT of this TV set have gotten the approval of safety authentication inspection. The replacement CRT should be exactly the same type and specification CRT which has gotten a similar safety approval, and check the high voltage according to the HIGH VOLTAGE CHECK procedure.

2. Safety precaution
a. Since the power supply circuit of this receiver is directly connected to the AC power line, an isolation transformer is necessary during dynamic service to avoid possible shock hazard. b. Always discharge the graphite layer conductor when moving the CRT. c. Disconnect the power cord before replacing parts. d. When replacing high-power resistor, keep the resistor 10 mm away from the circuit board.

3. Component safety precaution
Many electrical and mechanical parts in the chassis have special safety-related characteristics. These characteristics are often passed unnoticed by a visual inspection. Replacement parts which have these special safety characteristics are identified in this manual and its supplement electrical components having such features are shaded or marked by on the schematic diagram and the parts list. Before replacing any of these components, read the parts list in this manual carefully. The use of substitute replacement parts which do not have the same characteristic as specified in the parts list may create shock, fire, X-RAY RADIATION or other hazards.

General instruction
1. Copy the standard model data to let EEPROM (N101)of the chassis have those data before placing it on the unit, do "factory adjustment" if necessary. If use a blank EEPROM directly, you should preset IIC data and then do other common adjustment. 2.The adjustment should be done under following circumstances without additional instruction a) Alternating current 120V/60Hz b) Preheat at least 30 min 3.The unit has auto degaussing circuit, the auto degaussing process can be finished within 1s when the main power. Only when turn on the unit at least 30min after last time turn off TV does the auto

degaussing circuit work. 4. If the CRT with magnetism affects color purity and convergence, when the auto degaussing eraser. if the color purity and convergence are still not very good, then corresponding adjustment should be done. Refer to picture tube adjustment method for adjustment.

Alignment instruction
1. Debugging item
a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) VIF adjustment S-TRAP adjustment H VCO adjustment OSD adjustment B+ voltage adjustment RF AGC voltage adjustment Focus adjustment Screen-grid voltage white balance adjustment Field, line scan center adjustment Filed, line amplitude adjustment Raster adjustment


Alignment flow


E2PROM copy

VIF adjustment

S-TRAP adjustment

High voltage check

H VCO adjustment

X-ray protect check

OSD adjustment

Filament voltage check

B+ adjustment Picture and sound check RF AGC adjustment Sub brightness check Focus adjustment White balance check

Screen-grid voltage white balance adjustment

Color Purity, convergence check Scan amplitude, center and raster adjustment

AV terminal check

Check The unit and remote control


alignment flow


3. Factory menu adjustment (FACTORY MENU PAGE)
3.1 VIF adjustment Receive a NTSC signal at will, enter factory menu VCJ ADJ, select VIF VCO, press "VOL+/_", then display "END" and it means IC has adjust IF to 45.75MHz automatically. 3.2 S-TRAP adjustment Receive a NTSC signal at will, enter factory menu VCJ ADJ, select S-TRAP, press " VOL+/_", then IC will adjust S-TRAP to the best situation. 3.3 H VCO adjustment Receive a NTSC signal at will, enter factory menu RASTER ADJ, select H VCO ADJ, press " VOL+/_", then IC will auto adjust H VCO to the best situation. 3.4 OSD adjustment Receive NTSC signal, check the OSD, if OSD is not at the center of the screen, you can adjust "110: OSD H-POS" of the last page of SERVICE MENU. 3.5 B+ voltage adjustment a) Make sure that the power is AC 120V/60Hz b) Connect B+ point with a digital voltmeter, receive A-7 signal, set the picture to "standard", the value of B+ voltage should be 110 V ą0.5 V(13", 20"), 130V ą0.5 V(24"), 135Vą0.5 V(27"). 3.6 RF AGC adjustment RF AGC is auto adjusted by the turner. 3.7 Focus adjustment a) Receive A-12 PHILIPS signal, set user control to "standard". b) Adjust focus electrode potentiometer on FBT to optimize focus of screen. 3.8 Screen-grid voltage and white balance adjustment a) Receive A-7 signal, set user control to "user" and the brightness, contrast and color are zero. b) Adjust potentiometer of SCREEN till the top side seven lattices slightly light up. c) White balance adjustment of analog TV channel and AV channel. Input erect 10-gray scale signal of VP403, at AV channel, set user control to "standard". Adjust the center of the right third level of dark balance and the center of the left second level of bright balance. Enter CRT ADJ of factory menu, fixed CUT G(150), adjust CUT R, CUT B, DRV-R, DRV-B till the white balance is normal basically. d) White balance adjustment of COMPONENT channel and digital TV channel. Input erect 10-gray scale signal of VP403, at COMPINENT channel, set user control to "standard". Adjust the center of the right third level of dark balance and the center of the left second level of bright balance. Enter CRT ADJ of factory menu, fixed CUT G YUV(150), adjust CUT R YUV, CUT B YUV, DRV-R YUV, DRV-B YUV till the white balance is normal basically. Then enter CR PED, CB PED to adjust the dark balance of COMPONET channel again, in order to let it more accurate. Enter digital TV channel and check if the balance is up to the mustard, if not, adjust CUT R DTV, CUT G DTV, CUT B DTV. The adjust method of DTV R PED, DTV B PED is as same as it of COMPONENT channel 3.9 line, field center adjustment Receive CENTER CROSS 100IRE signal of VP403, set user control to "standard" of AV channel, enter RASTER ADJ item, adjust field center V-POS, line center H-POS, let the center of picture coincide with center of screen. 3.10 line, field amplitude adjustment

a) field amplitude adjustment Receive PERCENT OVERSCAN signal of VP403, set user control to "standard" of AV channel, enter RASTER ADJ item, adjust field amplitude V-SIZE, let the vertical reproduction ratio of picture acceptable 5%. b) line amplitude adjustment receive PERCENT OVERSCAM single of VP403, set user control to "standard" of AV channel. 13" and 20": adjust B+ potentiometer RP502, let the line reproduction ratio of picture acceptable 5%. 20", 24" and 27": enter RASTER ADJ item, adjust line amplitude H-SIZE, let the line reproduction ratio of picture acceptable 5%. 3.11 line, field linearity and geometry adjustment receive CROSSHATCH single of VP403, set user control to "standard" of AV channel.if the linearity and geometry are not satisfied, you may adjust the following items of RASTER ADJ: Corner PARA Trape VS-CORE V-LIN Note: CORNER, PATR, TRAPE need not adjust at 13" and 20".

4. Checking point
4.1 High voltage check Connect High Voltage meter between CRT second anode and GND. 1) Receive A7 signal, set user control to "STANDARD", measure the high voltage value, the reading should be the value below: 13": 22 kVą1 kV 20": 25.5 kVą1 kV 24": 27 kVą1 kV 27": 29kVą1 kV 2) Set the brightness and contrast to minimum (zero beam current), measure the high voltage, the reading should not exceed 33kV. 4.2 CRT filament voltage check Receive A7 signal, set picture to "STANDARD", use effective voltage meter to measure CRT filament voltage, the reading should be (6.3ą0.3) Vrms 4.3 X-ray protection check 1) Receive A7 signal, set user control to "vivid". 2) 13", 20", 24": Short circuit R309 (TP302, TP303), X-Ray protection circuit should function. 27": press S301, X-Ray protection circuit should function. 4.4 Picture and sound check 1) Receive standard TV signal, include NTSC and ATSC. 2) Use picture control buttons to check color, contrast, brightness, sharpness, tint's function. 3) Use sound control buttons to check volume control function. 4.5 Sub-brightness, sub-contrast check 1) sub-brightness check Receive full-screen 8IRE signal of VP403, set user control to "standard" and check if it is satisfied (for example: BESTBUY require brightness of 7.5IRE BLACK 0.20 ft.L), if not, enter PICTURE ADJ item. AV channel: ATV BRIGHT COMPONENT channel: YUV BRIGHT DTV channel: DTV BRIGHT Fine adjust the items to let it be satisfied (suggest 0.15 ft.L BLACK brightness 0.20 ft.L). 2) sub-contrast check Receive window 100IRE signal of VP403, set user control to "standard" and check if it is satisfied (for

example: BESTBUY require brightness of window 100IRE70 ft.L), if not, enter PICTURE ADJ item. AV channel: ATV CONTRAST COMPONENT channel: YUV CONTRAST DTV channel: DTV CONTRAST Fine adjust the items to let it be satisfied. 4.6 Color purity and convergence check (in normal way) 4.7 AV/S terminals video and sound IN/OUT check 4.8 COMPONENT channel video and sound IN check. 4.8 Other buttons on the TV set and remote controller function check.

5 Ex-factory setting
Enter factory menu SHIPMENT OFF, press right button to let OFF turn to ON, then exit the factory menu. 5.1 picture menu CONTRAST BRIGHTNESS COLOR TITN SHARPNESS PICTURE MODE MORE 45 35 45 0 30 STANDARD

5.2 5.3 5.4

Volulme: Language: TV mode:

30 English channel 2

6 Factory menu
6.1 enter factory menu method 1) Press factory button to enter factory menu. 2) Press CH+ or CH- to select sub-menu and VOL+ or VOL- to enter. 3) Press MENU to exit. 6.2 the content of factory menu see table 1

table 1 factory menu
FACTORY MENU 01. VIF VCO 1: VCJ ADJ 02. RF DELAY 03. S-TRAP 2: RASTER ADJ 06. H VCO 07. V-POS 08. V-SIZE 09. V-LIN 10. VS-CORE 6 VIF VCO auto regulation TUNER AGC adjustment S-TRAP auto regulation H VCO auto regulation Field center adjustment Field amplitude adjustment Field linearity adjustment Corner adjustment


Line position adjustment Field amplitude adjustment Pincushion adjustment Angle adjustment Trapezia adjustment TV-NTSC, AV white balance adjustment

COMPONENT white balance adjustment

TV-ATSC white balance adjustment

Correction offset, 30 Correction offset, 30 Correction offset, 30 TV-NTSC, AV Sub bright adjustment TV-NTSC, AV Sub contrast adjustment COMPONENT Sub bright adjustment COMPINENT Sub contrast adjustment TV-ATSC Sub bright adjustment TV-ATSC Sub contrast adjustment User menu pre-set E2 reference Aging switch, after aging function turns on, the unit will auto turn on and display HR sign on the top left of the screen, press return button to enter the factory menu




Working principle:
The unit adopts the super single IC R2J10165(N102) with I2C bus controlled processor produced by RENEsAS, which includes IF, color decoder, 8-bits MCU, pre-video amplify, H/V deflection, AV switch, audio processing, ect.. The main interfaces are: two AV IN, one S-VIDEO IN, YCbCr, one AV OUTPUT. The signal flow is below: The antenna reception signal RF will be sent to the integrative tuner (contains HF and IF amplifier circuits), which is controlled by SDA and SCL, selects appropriate channel and sends the selected IF signal to the next level for processing. If receive the analog RF signal, RF will be sent to tuner, via HF and mixing, output IF, via V111 after, it sent to SAW Z101 filtering and gain better IF. Then it feed to main IC N102 (R2J10165) from 38#, 39# IF amplify, phase-lock loop VCO and synchronous detection, output from 34# as composite video signal VIF-VIDEO. After filtering, VIF-VIDEO changes to VIDEO-TV. If receive the digital RF signal, the signal via HF and IF amplifying, output differential digital IF signal form 10#, 11#, then feed to NH07(R8A66953) demodulate and MPEG decoder, output YCbCr of DTV( DTV-Y and DTV-CbCr) and audio DTV-L/R. VIDEO-TV, DTV-Y, Y component from YCbCr and V/Y signal of AV1/S, AV2 selected by switch NB04 (TC4053), they are all sent to NB01(TC4052)9#,10# select, output VIDEO, it will be sent to N102 form 32#. C of S terminal is sent to N102 30#. Components Cb, Cr and DTV-CbCr demodulated and MPEG decoded by R8A66953 are sent to N102 19#,20#, then switch selection, video decoding and processing, it sent to the internal RGB interface matrix, pre-video amplify, contrast, bright and blacking, output RGB form 51#,52#,53#. After N102 internal video switch selecting, the video is sent to decoding and processing, it also output from 24# as AV OUT. The main IC N102 has the H/V deflection internal. VDRV output from 11#, via N301(TDA8172) amplifying to push the vertical deflection coil. HDRV output from 15#, via V301(ST1803DF) driving to push the horizontal deflection coil. EW-OUT output form 25# via V303(2SC3852) driving then sent to the horizontal deflection. The IF signal is sent to N102 from 38# 39# demodulating TV audio L/R. L/R of AV1/S, AV2 via audio switch NB04(TC4053) selecting, L/R of YCbCr and DTV-L/R demodulated and MPEG decoded by R8A66953, it sent to N102 29#,43# switch selection and audio process together with TV audio signal, then output L/R from 46# 48#, it sent to sound amplifier NV01(AN7522) amplifying to push the speaker; at the same time, the L/R from 46# 48# is also audio of AV OUT. The unit is control by the MCU built in N102, it connects tuner and E2PROM through IIC bus line and controls the whole unit working.


Block diagram


IC Block diagram:



Pin function:
No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Vcc SS/ADJ FB BD STR-W6500 [T0220F-6L] D S/GND S GND Power terminal Soft-Start/over protect current Control power input Over current protect and Soft-Start timer adjust Timing voltage control signal input Gap oscillation control Bottom check signal input and external Latch signal input STR-X6500 [T03PF-7L] Name Drain terminal Source/Ground terminal Function Drain of MOSFET MOSFET Source and Ground

Feed Back terminal Bottom check terminal


3. AN7522N
The AN7522 is a monolithic integrated circuits designed for 3.0WX2 channel BTS(8V, 8)output audio power amplifier.



Designed for monitors and high performance TVs, the TDA8177 vertical deflection booster delivers flyback voltages up to 70V. The TDA8177 operates with supplies up to 35V and provides up to 3App output current to drive the yoke. The TDA8177 is offered in HEPTAWATT package






Troubleshooting guide
1. no raster, no sound
If the power indicator is light?


No There is short circuit at primary or secondary coil of power

The light is red, press POWER can't turn on the TV

Press POWER to turn on and the light is blue

Check FU501 melted? No

if is


Check if N102 56# output high level

Check if N102 and N101are normal

Check C510 300V?

if has


Check D501 and its periphery

Yes Check if it is X-RAY protection Refer to 2 and 3 Check N501 N502 and their periphery

2. with picture, without sound
Check if sound amplifier NV01 has output No If NV01 pin 6 and pin8 have input signal Yes Check if NV01 power supply is normal, if pin9 (mute) is high level No Check if N102 46# and 48# have output signal Yes Speaker is damaged


3. with sound, without picture
With sound but without picture No raster Have raster No

Check if B+ is normal

Check if N102 has RGB output Yes

Check N102 and its periphery

If H/V circuit If V301C# Abnormal works output normally? H-frequency Normal Check if each group voltage of FBT is normal If V301 is damaged

Check CRT board, turner and its periphery

Check CRT board and filament voltage


APPENDIX-A: Main assembly list
NAME Main board NO. 667.TQP92-01I MAIN COMPONENT AND it'S NO. N102 N301 NV01 N501 TUNER101 T301 NH07 R2J10165 (353.10165-00) STV8172 (352.81720-10) AN7522N (352.75220-00) STRW6556A (352.65560-10) ENV56M23D8F (590.40C09-00) FBT/BSC26-N1013A (472.24216-00U) R8A66953 (353.66953-10)

DTV digital board Side AV board Keypad board CRT board


667.TQ2092H-69 667.TQ2092-29A 667.TQ2092H-05 667.TQ2092H-02 667.TQ20921-05 301.VTQ2092-21 335.2123C-00

STANDBY board Remote control CRT

RC-V21 A51QGD991X001

603-TQ20920-13 Ver.1.0