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REV. Layout

1.Changed FootPrint from 0603B to 0603D for easy layout.(all parts) 4/4/2002 2.Change DDR socket from stand to rev at location J5 for easy layout. 4/4/2002 3.Mirror 8P4C capacitors at location CP1,CP2,CP3,CP4,CP5,CP6 for easy layout. 4/4/2002 4.Mirror array bead at location FA1,FA2,FA3,FA4,FA5,FA6 for easy layout. 4/9/2002 5.Creat display ID for auto detect panel. 4/10/2002 6.Change CPURST# pullup from 51ohm/NA to 51ohm at location and must be terminated on the system board. 4/10/2002 7.Change R44 value from 200 ohm to NA. 4/11/2002 8.Change net name AGPVREF to AGP_VREF R28 that the signal don't have on-die termination

80.Connect the net of AGP_STOP# to SIS962 pin E5 through series diode at location D30.4/24/2002 81.Change the net of CPUPERF# through series diode at location D31 to SIS962 pin A16.4/24/2002 82.Add reserve resistor R544 to connect SUSC# and H8_SUSU for debug only. 4/24/2002 83.Change R359 value from 10K to NA .4/24/2002 84.Updata Hardware strap table in sheet 17 to change USB_OC#5( South bridge debug mode) disable status from Hi to Low .4/28/2002 85.Add pull up resistor for the net of ROMCS# at location R541. 4/24/2002 86.Delete the unuse parts at location R475 and TP48. 4/24/2002 87.Delete R473 and disconnect the net of SUS_STAT# to SIO pin 7. 4/24/2002 88.Delete R474 and connect CLKRUN# to SIO pin6. 4/24/2002 89.Change the connection of MINI PCI RI from WAKE_UP# to H8 RI(pin48). 4/24/2002 90.Add pull up resistor for USB_OC#5 at location R577. 4/28/2002 91.Change R261 value from 33 ohm to NA .4/28/2002 91.Change pull up voltage of MPCIACT# from +3V to +3VS.4/28/2002 92.Change the connection of C567 from LAN_GND to GND for easy layout.4/28/2002 93.Connect the net of GPIO11 to X8 through series resistor at location R543.4/24/2002 94.Change the net name of J11(1394 Connector) GND from 1394GND to 1394CAS_GND for easy layout.4/28/2002 95.Add pull up resistor for the net of LPS at location R558. 4/28/2002 96.Delete unuse bypass capacitors at location C13,C14,C15,C16,C44,C59,C41,C58,C63,C57,C56,C55,C54,C53,C51,C221,C359,C358,C259,C262,C253,C274,C228,C237,C236,C247,C266,C130. 4/24/2002 97.Change R328 value from 0 ohm to NA .4/29/2002 98.Change R296 value from 0 ohm to NA and R305 from NA to 0 ohm .4/29/2002 99.Change R367 value from NA to 432 1% ohm .4/29/2002 100.Change R395 value from 0 ohm to NA and R394 from NA to 0 ohm .4/29/2002 101.Delete Q3 and connect WIR_LED# to MINI PCI pin 13 through a series resistor R559.4/29/2002 102.Add Q32,Q33 to switch SMBUS and spreat SB (SMBUS signals) at S3 status.4/29/2002 103.Change G gate voltage from +3VS to +5VS at location Q19 .4/29/2002 104.Add JO37~JO40 at 1394 output signals for ESD.4/29/2002 105.Add JO41 at MIC signals for ESD.4/29/2002 106.Change the connection of C638 from H8 RI#(pin 48) to PCI1410 MF2(pin 64) .4/29/2002 107.Correct the Foot Print of RJ45 connector .4/29/2002 108.Correct the Foot Print of PS2 connector .4/29/2002 109.Change AGP_DEVSEL# pull up from RP48 pin 3 to pin 7 for easy layout.4/29/2002 110.Change AGP_RBF# pull up from RP48 pin 2 to pin 6 for easy layout.4/29/2002 111.Add Q34,R560,R561 to shift level and connect the new net of PSON#_H8 to H8 pin21 .4/29/2002 Rename reference. 4/30/2002 112.Change Resistors value from 51ohm 5% to 49.9 ohm 1% at location R89,R611,R667,R673,R674,R679,R680,R681.5/2/2002 and pin121 to RI for costumer request. 4/16/2002 113.Change R106,C112,OSC501,C706 value to N/A.5/2/2002 114.Change C128,c126 from NA to 10P.5/2/2002 115.Change X2 value to NA.5/2/2002 116.Change L11,C554,C557,C556 value to NA.5/2/2002 117.Change F501value from NA to SMDC110 ,D503 from NA to EC11FS2 and C501 from NA to 10U.5/2/2002 118.Change R614 from 147 ohm 5% to 150 ohm 1%.5/3/2002 119.Change R731 from 5.6K ohm to 4.7K ohm.5/3/2002 120.Change R639~R642 from 56.2 ohm to 56 ohm.5/3/2002 121.Correct Footprint from 0603D_DFS to 0603D at location R761,R736,R740,R742 .5/3/2002 122.Change C853~C872 value from 1000P to 0.1U 5/6/2002 123.Change C877,C891~C893 value from 0.015U to 0.1U 5/6/2002 124.Change the value 125.Change the value 126.Change the value 127.Change the value 128.Change the value 129.Change the value 130.Change the value 131.Change the value 132.Change the value 132.Change the value 132.Change the value 132.Change the value from 49.9 ohm 1% to 51 ohm 1% at location R611,R645,R648,R650,R653,R663,R667,R670,R673,R674,R679,R680,R681,R89. 5/6/2002 from NA to 27P at location C674,C675. 5/6/2002 from NA to 25MHZ at location X505. 5/6/2002 from 0 ohm to NA at location R697. 5/8/2002 from 10K ohm to NA at location RP507. 5/9/2002 from NA to 10K ohm at location R170. 5/9/2002 from 8.2K to NA at location R150, R147. 5/9/2002 from 10K 5% to 10K 1% at location R77,R72. 5/9/2002 from NA to 10K at location R174. 5/9/2002 from NA to 0 at location R184. 5/9/2002 from 0 to NA at location R185. 5/9/2002 from 22P to NA at location CP503,CP504,CP505,CP506. 5/9/2002
1 2

connect to MAP17 pin AC30 for AGP 4X mode. 4/11/2002 by Jim default NTSC (MAP17)in TVMODE. 4/12/2002

9.Change R43 from 200ohm to 301ohm and chang R45 from 301ohm to 200ohm for 0.4*VDDQ at AGP 2X mode. 4/11/2002 10.Change R200 and R203 from 10K to NA tor set 11.Change R220 and R222 from 10K to NA for MAP17 default parallel ROM type. 4/12/2002 12.Change R209 from 10K to NA to enable AGP faster write.4/12/2002 13.Change R212,R213,R215,R218 from 10K to NA to enable the default device of MAP17.4/12/2002 14.Mirror 8P4R resistors at location RP58 for easy layout. 4/12/2002 15.Update Hardware Trap table for SIS692 in page 17. 4/12/2002 16.Change net from +3VCC to VDDQ at loctation C161,C162,C163,C164,C165 for add VDDQ bypass.4/12/2002 17.Change net of DDR damping resistors at loctation RP11,RP13,RP15,RP17,RP19,RP21,RP23,RP25,RP27,RP29,RP31,RP33,RP35 for easy layout.4/12/2002 18.Change net of AGP pull up resistors at loctation RP48 foreasy layout .4/12/2002

19.Add AGP pull up resistors at loctation R520~R528 and delete RP49 for easy layout .4/12/2002 20.Update Hardware Trap table for SIS645DX/650 in page 7. 4/15/2002 21.Change net of DDR thermination resistors at loctation RP12,RP14,RP16,RP18,RP20,RP22,RP24,RP26,RP28,RP30,RP32,RP34,RP36 for easy layout.4/15/2002 22.Change resistors value from 10K to NA for MAP17 default 2M X 32 DDR SDRAM support at loctation R187,R191,R192,R194. 4/12/2002 23.Change resistors value from 1K 5% to 1K 1% at loctation R172. 4/15/2002 24.Correct the LVDS signals of channel 2 (page 11) . 4/15/2002 25.Change LAN PHY from ICS1839 to ICS 1839AF. 4/16/2002 26.Change net H8_PWROK from H8 pin A4 to P51 for Jimmy request . 4/16/2002 27.Update B TO B connector from 50 pin to 70 pin at location PJ1. 4/16/2002 28.Update Quick Key board connector from 10 pin to 20 pin at location J22. 4/16/2002 29.Add THERM_ADM# net from ADM1032 to H8(add R533,R532,Q29) . 4/16/2002 30.Add NET of WIRE_LED# from MINI PCI to J22. 4/16/2002 31.Change CRT_DDA,CRT_DDCK pull up voltage from +5VS to +3VS . 4/16/2002 32.Change capacitors value from 100P to 22P at location C483,C486,C487,C494,C503 for USB. 4/16/2002 33.Disconnect USB_OC#5 to R359 pull up to +3V and delete unuse parts of R361,R362 for USB5 pair pull low 15K . 4/16/2002 35.Correct the signals name from AD[0..31] to PCI_AD[0..31] . 4/16/2002 36.Delete unuse parts of Q18,R482 . 4/16/2002 37.Add AC-Link signals in Mini-PCI (For MDC) . 4/16/2002 38.Connector MINI PCI pin 21 to PCI_REQ3# ,pin22 to PCI_GNT3#, pin43 to IDSEL AD22 39.Mirror chock at location l57,l58 for easy layout. 4/16/2002 40.Correct the PCI_DEVID3 from MAP17 pin AC3 to pin AB3 . 4/17/2002 location R229 . 4/17/2002 location R455 . 4/17/2002 41.Change MD_PD pull up voltage from +3V to +3VS at 43.Add by pass 10U capicator for 1394VCC3 at

42.Change DIRECT pull up voltage from +3VS to 1394VCC3 at

location C661 . 4/17/2002 at location C662 . 4/17/2002

44.Change PCI1410 CORE and PCI voltage from +3VS to CBVCC3. 4/17/2002 45.Add by pass 10U capicator for PCI1410 CBVCC3 46.Change MAP17 VDDAGP netname from +1.5VS to VDDQ at pin AG14,AK14,AG17,AK17,AG20,AK20,AK23,AK26,AK29,AF30. 4/17/2002 47.Remove Side Band bus from NB and MAP17.4/17/2002 48.Add THRMTRIP# pull up resistor to VCCPVID at location R539 . 4/17/2002 49.Change X2 value from NA to 27MHZ and change X3,C311,C312 to NA. 4/17/2002 50.Remove unuse resistor at location R148.4/17/2002 51.Add net COVER_SW# to B to B connector . 4/17/2002 50.Remove dumping resistors of LAN MII TX signals at location R299,R301,R303,R307.4/18/2002 52.Change turn on main power net from SUSB# to MAINPWR(H8 P40 pin49) and delete unuse part of Q26. 4/18/2002 53.Update Hardware Trap table for M650 Panel ID in page 17. 4/17/2002 54.Add pull up resistor for MAINPWR at location R540 . 4/17/2002 55.Rename USB0VCC5 to USB2VCC5 at USB2 pair voltage net name . 4/17/2002 56.Add by pass 10U capicator for AGP VDDQ at location C663 . 4/17/2002 57.Delete R147 and connect VDDFBIO to VDD_MEM2.5 . 4/22/2002 58.Change AGP bus pull up voltage from +1.5VS to VDDQ at location RP48,RP50,525~R528 . 4/22/2002 59.Creat TV_COMP net to support AV output.(Add C554,C665,C666,D29,L83 and delete R113) . 4/22/2002

60.Connect AGP VDDQ net to +1.5VS for easy layout. 4/22/2002 61.Change R533 pull up voltage from +5V to +3V.4/22/2002 62.Delete duplicate capicator of CARS_RI# signa at location C555 . 4/22/2002 63.Connect +12VS,+3VS,+3v,+5V,DVMAIN to PJ1 BTB connector. 4/22/2002 64.Remove unuse net USB_OC#5 at BTB connector . 4/22/2002 65.Add +5VS connect to BTB connector (pin44) . 4/23/2002 66.Change ISA pull up resistors from 4.7K to 10K at location RP40~RP46.4/23/2002 67.Delete R470,R474 and connect CLKRUN# to PC83793 pin6.4/23/2002 67.Delete R473 and disconnect SUS_STAT# to PC87393.4/23/2002 68.Add pull up 10K resistor for ROMCS# signal at location R451. 4/23/2002 69.Connect +5VS to PJ1 pin34. 4/24/2002 70.Connect DVMAIN to PJ1 pin32. 4/24/2002 71.Mirror L69,L71,L73,L75 for easy layout. 4/24/2002 72.Change CRT_IN# pull up voltage from +3VS to +3V at location R233.4/24/2002 73.Add 10U capacitors for +2.5V_DDR at location C667~C671. 4/24/2002 74.Change PCI_REQ1# pull up resistor from RP37 to R542. 4/24/2002 75.Change R334 from 4.7K to NA. 4/24/2002 76.Delete R326 and change the connect pin of MPCIACT# from SIS962 pine E5 to T8.4/24/2002 77.Delete R325 and change the connect pin of SPK_OFF from SIS962 pine C4 to U4.4/24/2002 78.Change AGP_STOP# and AGP_BUSY# vpull up voltage from 79.Add MIC connector in M/B at location J30 . 4/25/2002


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+3VS to +1.5VS .4/25/2002

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