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NO. TID-C3040Z-003 DATE Nov.21.2001

SUBJECT: Version up of Firmware
Product name: C-3040ZOOM The latest firmware: OLD VERSION V354-76 V354u-76 V354p-75 NEW VERSION V354-77 V354u-77 V354p-76


Please refer to repair article for a procedure of rewriting firmware. Change contents (Reason): It changed in order to carry out "SDK" for dentistry photography. The command that can set up a "custom clear setting" from PC was added. This is not related to ordinary users. Change classification: Running change Version up procedure: 1. The binary data of the latest firmware is changed with "firmware.bin" and into smart media. But format smart media into C-3040Zoom and make directory "firmware" copy from binary data. (Make F/W card) 2. Insert the F/W card for C-3040Zoom and turn on the camera at play mode. 3. TFT-LCD was showed F/W version and inquire of rewriting of F/W. Then select "YES" (Character is changed green) and after pressing "OK", rewriting of F/W is started automatically. 4. During the rewriting of F/W, SELF-RED is turned on and showed "EXCHANING" on TFT-LCD. It will take about 2 minutes but please do not operate any key and turn off power. It might have damaged camera body and F/W. 5. After the rewriting of F/W, TFT-LCD was showed as same as procedure 3. Then confirm new version of F/W (example: V354-76=NTSC(GUI:JAPANESE)) and turn off power after selecting "NO". (The discrimination of countermeasure is not showed due to confirm easily. )