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4 Disassembly and Reassembly
This section of the service manual describes the disassembly and reassembly procedures for the DP14L*/DP15L* monitors. WARNING: This monitor contains electrostatically sensitive devices. Use caution when handling these components.

4-1 Disassembly
Cautions:1. Disconnect the monitor from the power source before disassembly. 2. To remove the Rear Cover, you must use the special opening jig tool.

4-1-1 Cabinet Disassembly
1. With a pad beneath it, stand the monitor on its front with the screen facing downward and the base closest to you. Make sure nothing will damage the screen. 2. Remove the Stand from the monitor. (Refer to Stand manual) 3. Incline the monitor by lifting the rear of the monitor.

5. Squeeze the hold-snap on bottom of the monitor using your hand.

Figure 3 6. Insert the Opening jig into the groove then release the hold-snap.

Figure 1 4. Push the Opening jig each groove along the top of the monitor till it makes a “ttak” sound. (2 grooves : Left and Right, Make sure each snap is disengaged.)

Figure 4

Figure 2 DP14L*/DP15L* 4-1

4 Disassembly and Reassembly 7. When the hold-snap release, lift the Rear Cover slightly to make sure it doesn’t reengage while you release the snap on the other side.

Figure 7

Figure 5 8. In a similar manner, Release the hold-snap on the opposite side. 9. Pull the Rear Cover up off the monitor. Figure 8

4-1-2 Removing the CRT Socket PCB
1. Complete all previous steps. 2. Disconnect the CRT and Main PCB ground wires between the CRT Socket PCB and Shield Cover. (DP14LS only) 3. Lift up the Video Spring and remove the CRT Socket PCB from the CRT.

Figure 6 10. Using pinch-nose pliers or ling-nose pliers, acrefully disconnect the Anode Cap from the CRT. Warning: Do not touch the Anode contact on the CRT (High Voltage may remain). If the hold-snap on the bottom of the Front Cover is broken, secure the cabinet by applying a 4x16 screw in the extra holes on each side of the cabinet.

Figure 9 4. Disconnect all connectors on the CRT Socket PCB. 5. Using a solder iron, disconnect Ground (G2) on the back of the Video Shield and remove the Shield Cap. 6. Remove the screw on the front of the Shield Socket. 7. Desolder the 4 tabs on the CRT Socket PCB and remove Shield. 8. Place the Video PCB on a flat, level surface that is protected from static electricity. DP14L*/DP15L*

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4 Disassembly and Reassembly

4-1-3 Removing the Main PCB
1. Complete all previous steps. 2. Disconnect the Degaussing Coil at GT601 and GT602 on the Main PCB. 3. Disconnect all easily accessible ground wires on the Main PCB and Bottom Chassis. 4. Disconnect the DY connector at the CN303 connector on the Main . 5. Using the jig, release the snaps (2) connecting the Front Cover and Main PCB then lift up the Bottom to separate the two Shield.

6. Remove the screws on the back and along each side of the Bottom Chassis. 7. Carefully lift the Main PCB Ass’y and remove the remaining ground wires. 8. Place the Main PCB Ass’y on a flat, level surface that is protected from static electricity.

4-1-4 CRT Ass'y Disassembly
1. Complete all previous steps. 2. Straighten the Degaussing Coil Assembly coated metal ties and lift the Coil Ass’y from the CRT. 3. Remove the four corner screws and lift the CRT up and away from the Front Cover Assembly and place it on a padded surface. Caution: Do not lift the CRT by the neck. If you will be returning this CRT to the monitor, be sure to place the CRT face downward on a protective pad.

Figure 10

4-2 Reassembly
Reassembly procedures are in the reverse order of Disassembly procedures.



4 Disassembly and Reassembly