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Diskette containing * SYMPTOM-CURE
Version 2.4.2 released October 1996

This floppy contains two different applications:

A. The "Symptom Cure" application.
This application contains tips to enable the repairer to find a
solution for his problem in a user-friendly way. Hence this
application might reduce the diagnosis time significantly.

Besides repair tips, also "Frequently Asked Questions" and the
related answers are given. Especially special modes (such as
"HOTEL MODE", "TRADE MODE", "CHILD LOCK" etc) are taken care off.

B. The "Additional Service Information" application.
This applications contains information related to symptom cure
(like Service Informations, Newsletters, E-mails) containing
codenumber information, spare part information, preventive actions,
factory modifications, adjustment procedures, Service Manual
corrections, etc.
This information can be retrieved on typenumber or on chassis
(if relevant) and can be retrieved sequentially.

Survey of existing features
* Contains Symptom/Cure information and Service Information,
Newsletters, codenumber information, spare part information,
preventive actions, factory modifications, adjustment procedures,
service manual corrections, related to S/C info.
* Wide variety of products:
Audio, CD, CD-I, Photo-CD, Laservision, Camera's, Carradio's,
Colour-TV's, Faxes, Telephones, Monitors, Observation systems,
PC-ADD-ON's, Satellite Products, VCR.
* More than 12000 tips available.
* More than 1000 PCEC (USA) tips included.
* Also tips from Videorecorders Overseas (CE-OSC Videq Singapore)
* All information generated by Business Groups and service workshops
of various National Organizations.
* All information screened and authorized by Business Groups.
* Information available on diskette, on line and on paper.
* Tips can be printed individually or per typenumber or per product
group, completely independent from type of printer.
* Continuously updated.
* Daily updates available via the on-line communication system.
* Diskette can also be used in network (LAN) environment.
* Management module for multi-language handling available.
* Possibility to see on print "what's new" by selection of date.
* Possibility to put in your own service information.

Input of local tips


It is our aim to collect your local data, to enter the data in the
central system, and to re-distribute it to all other users.
This will lead to a "SHARED GLOBAL SYSTEM" which is in essence a
complete new Symptom/Cure concept.

We emphasize that this new approach can and will be a success thanks
to your - highly appreciated - valuable input.

Instructions for use

How to start-up the system

A number of predefined settings are assumed;

The predefined settings are: Hard disk C:
Directory SCVIEW
Floppy disk A: or B:

. Insert diskette in drive A or drive B.
. Go to A:\ or B:\ and type INSTALL A or INSTALL B
. After installation the system starts up automatically.
. If you want to start the programm later on, go to directory
C:\SCVIEW and type SCVIEW.
. Set the FILES command within CONFIG.SYS to at least 30.
. Set the BUFFERS command within CONFIG.SYS to at least 25.
. Performance improvement can be obtained:
* by running Speed Disk (=Norton command)
* by activating Smartdrive (DOS 5.0 required).

How to select the view function

* The two applications can run separately.
For "Symptom Cure" only, give command SCVIEW /M SC.
For "Additional Service Info" only, give command SCVIEW /M GSI.

* The two applications can also run "in parallel" by giving the
command SCVIEW. In this situation, the first screen allows to make a
selection between "Symptom Cure" and "Additional Service
When one of them is selected, followed by typenumber or chassis, it
is possible to "jump" from one system to the other one and back.
Instructions for "jumping" for- and backwards are given on the

* The floppy contains information on Audio, CD, CD-I, Photo-CD,
Laservision, Camera's, Carradio's, Colour-TV's, Faxes, Telephones,
Monitors, Observation Systems, PC-ADD-ON's, Satellite Products and
Both applications can run separately on Product Group level.
For information on Audio/CD, command = SCVIEW /B AUD
For information on Audio/CD EFIL, command = SCVIEW /B AUE
For information on CDI, PhotoCD, LV, command = SCVIEW /B IMS
For information on Camera's, command = SCVIEW /B VKR
For information on Camera's PCEC, command = SCVIEW /B VKN
For information on Carradio's, command = SCVIEW /B CAR
For information on Colour-TV's, command = SCVIEW /B VDP
For information on Colour-TV's PCEC, command = SCVIEW /B VDN
For information on Colour-TV's EFIL, command = SCVIEW /B VDE
For information on Faxes/Telephones, command = SCVIEW /B FAX
For information on Monitors, command = SCVIEW /B MON
For information on Observ. Syst., command = SCVIEW /B VCM
For information on PC-ADD-ON's, command = SCVIEW /B PCA
For information on Satellite Prod., command = SCVIEW /B TER
For information on VCR's, command = SCVIEW /B VCR
For information on VCR's PCEC, command = SCVIEW /B VCN
For information on VCR's EFIL, command = SCVIEW /B VCE

Please note that some productgroups do not contain both SYMPTOM-CURE
It is however our intention to continually enrich the database with
more information.

How to put in your own information

. Start up the system (go to directory C:\SCVIEW and type SCVIEW).
. Press enter and you will see the main menu
. Select "Add product identifier" if you want to put in information
about a new typenumber and/or chassis
. Put in typenumber and/or chassis and return to main menu
. For input/maintenance of symptom/cure info, select
"Edit symptom/cure".
For input/maintenance of Additional Service information, select
"Edit Addition Service Info".
For editing of symptoms, select "Edit symptom description".
. Follow the menu structure in order to put in your local

How to supply your local information to the central system for

. From now on, you can start putting in your own information as
described in the procedure above
. After 3 months, you will receive a new diskette which updates
your system with new information
. During the update the information you have put in (your local
information) is automatically copied to the diskette you received.
. When finished, you send the update diskette back to Eindhoven.


How to print the information

The contents of the two applications can be printed.
The print options can be selected in the first screen and enable
printing per typenumber or per productgroup.
Printing individual tips is possible with command shift-F7

System requirements
This program is designed for use on a PC with:
- DOS version 3.3 or higher
- at least 450k free available memory
- the FILES command within CONFIG.SYS set to at least 30
- the BUFFERS command within CONFIG.SYS set to at least 25
Performance improvement can be obtained:
- by running Speed Disk (= Norton command)
- by activating Smartdrive (requires DOS 5.0)

Philips does not accept any responsibility for costs or damage on sets
under repair as a result of the application of repair information
contained in the symptom/cure system.

The material provided and the information contained therein is
proprietary to Philips and is issued only for use by authorised
parties. It must be returned to Philips upon its first request.

The material is provided 'as is' and may contain errors; no warranty
whatsoever is given including fitness for a particular purpose; the
use thereof is at the user's sole risk and doesnot in any matter
diminuish or derogate from the user's obligations under any repair
agreement, law or regulation. By using the material provided, the user
waives his rights to claim damages from Philips related to the
material in any matter.

Ordering information
Larger quantities of floppies can be ordered in Eindhoven with
codenumber 4822 901 10001
Copies are made according ISO9000 requirements.
All measures for virus-free reproduction are taken.

Contact address:
In case of questions or suggestions, please contact your National
Philips organisation or:

att. Ivo Hoelbeek
Building SDM7
P.O. Box 218
5600 MD Eindhoven
the Netherlands
tel : +31 40 2733696
fax : +31 40 2733553