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MODELS: VS-50805 / VS-60805 / WT-46805 / WS-55805 / WS-55905 / WS-65905 / WS-73905 3. Initial Setup
A. Option Menu Setup
Follow the steps below for the initial set-up: 1. Select the "MENU" display by pressing the "MENU" button once. 2. Press the number buttons "1", "2", "7", "0" in sequence to select the "OPTION MENU" display. 3. Press the "ADJUST" button to select "INITIAL." 4. Press "ENTER." NOTE: At this time channel 3 is automatically selected. CAUTION: Do not select E2 RESET and press QV (RCL). Doing so will require a full item by item alignment of all data values listed in the "Service Adjustment" and Convergence Miscellaneouts modes.

CAUTION: Do not select Convergence Reset and press ENTER. This resets all data in the Coarse and Fine Convergence modes.

OPTION MENU Initial E2RESET Direct Key Mode :OFF DTV Port :AUTO DTV Signal Strength Power restore :OFF V-chip supported :ON Convergence reset DTV Diagnostics DTV Reset DTV E2 Reset Free Run Factory Option Menu

B. Default Settings
SETUP Memorize Channels ANT A Language English CLOCK Clock Setting Auto Time Zone Eastern Daylight Savings Applies Clock Time N/A Set Day N/A AV CONNECTION AV Network OFF External Audio System NO AV Receiver at Input 1 None Audio Output Variable INPUT ASSIGNMENT Antenna A On Antenna B On DTV YPrPb Input 1 Input-1 Input 2 Input-2 Input 3 Input-3 Input 4 Input-4 CAPTIONS Closed Captions With Mute CC Background Gray DTV Channel Guide N/A

Input Channel Memory Name SQV CHANNEL EDIT ANTA 3 Deleted ---OFF

TIMER Timer Off Set Time 12:00PM Set Day Everyday Input ANT A Channel 3 V-CHIP PARENT LOCK TV Rating Off FV-Fantasy Violence N/A D-Sexual Dialog N/A L- Adult Language N/A S-Sexual Situation N/A V-Violence N/A Program not Rated N/A Movie Rating Off V-CHIP HOURS/LOCK BY TIME V-Chip Start Time N/A V-Chip Stop Time N/A Lock by Time Off Lock Time N/A Unlock Time N/A

ADVANCED FEATURES SD Video Format 480P Video Mute On Black Level Expansion On AUDIO/VIDEO SETTINGS Audio Volume 30% Bass 50% Treble 50% Balance 50% Listen to Stereo PIP Audio Out (V16W) Stereo Level Sound Off Video Iris OFF Contrast 100% Brightness 50% Auto Picture OFF Sharpness 50% Color 50% Tint 50% Color Temp. High Video Noise Normal PIP/POP Source Ant A Ch 3 PIP Position (V16N) Lower Rght POP Position (V16W) Rght Half Format (V16W) H-LIN EXP

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MODELS: VS-50805 / VS-60805 / WT-46805 / WS-55805 / WS-55905 / WS-65905 / WS-73905
A/V RESET DEFAULT SETTINGS A/V Memory ANT-A/B DTV INPUT 1/2/3/4 DVD Iris OFF Contrast Max. Max. Max. Max. Brightness Center Center Center Center Auto Picture OFF Sharpness Center Center Center Center Color Center Center Center Center Tint Center Center Center Center Color Temp. High High High High Video Noise Normal Normal Normal Normal Bass Center Center Center Center Treble Center Center Center Center Balance Center Surround OFF OFF OFF OFF Listen To Stereo PIP Audio Out Stereo (V16W only) Level Sound OFF OFF OFF OFF

C. A/V Memory

Each of the 7 inputs has its own Audio/Video Memory. A change in an A/V setting at a specific input is stored in memory for that specific input. A/V Reset 1. The front panel AV Reset button intializes all A/V Memories. 2. The AV Reset in the users menu initializes only the selected inputs A/V Memory.

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