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LifeBook S6210 Disassembly
ESD precautions are required when working on this LifeBook Computer. Make sure the LifeBook is turned off before beginning this disassembly procedure.

1. Turn the computer over and remove the battery.

2. Remove 2 screws from the Hard Disk Drive cover

3. Lift it off.

4. Disconnect the Hard Drive Cable

5. Remove the drive.

6. Remove 2 screws from the RAM cover.

7. Lift it off.

8. Press out on the metal locking clips to release the RAM and remove it.

9. Remove the Optical Disk Drive.

10. Remove 14 screws from the lower case including 3 within the Optical Disk Drive bay.

11. Turn the LifeBook up on its front and remove 2 screws from the rear.

12. Using a plastic screwdriver release the locking clips located behind each hinge.

13. Turn the unit right side up and open the cover.

14. Use a plastic screwdriver to pry up the status/application panel.

15. Disconnect its cable.

16. Disconnect the speaker cable and remove the status/application panel.

17. Slide up the keyboard and flip it over.

18. Disconnect its cable and remove it.

19. Disconnect the antennas from the WLAN card.

20. Press out on the metal locking clips to release it and remove it.

21. Remove the tape from the Display cable and disconnect it from the system board.

22. Remove one screw from each hinge

23. Remove the display being careful of the antenna wires.

24. Disconnect the GlidePoint cable from the system board

25. Remove 6 screws from the top cover.

26. Lift it off.

27. Turn the top cover over and remove 3 screws from the GlidePoint assembly.

28. Lift it out and disconnect its cable.

29. Remove the cable and metal bracket.

30. Disconnect the MS/SD slot cable from the system board.

31. Disconnect the PCMCIA slot cable from the system board.

32. Remove 2 screws from the MS/SD slot.

33. Lift it out.

34. Remove 3 screws from the metal shield.

35. Remove 2 hex screws from the external VGA connector on the rear of the unit.

36. Lift out the metal shield.

37. Remove 4 screws holding the PCMCIA slot to the metal shield.

38. Remove it.

39. Lift up on the Power/VGA board to disconnect it from the system board and lift it out.

40. Disconnect the RJ11 cable from the modem.

41. Remove the RJ11 connector from the case.

42. Lift the system board out of the lower case.

43. Turn it over and remove 1 screw from the modem.

44. Lift the modem off the system board.

45. Remove 3 screw covers from the front of the display and the 3 screws underneath.

46. Using a plastic screwdriver pry around the perimeter of the front and back covers to release the tabs and remove the front cover.

47. Lift out the inverter.

48. Disconnect its power cable.

49. Disconnect the backlight cable from the inverter and set it aside.

50. Remove 2 screws from the display latch and remove it.

51. Remove 2 screws from the LCD.

52. Lift it out and turn it over.

53. Remove the tape from the LCD cable connection and disconnect it.

54. Remove the 2 brackets from the LCD by removing 2 screws from each.

55. Remove the tape securing the antenna cables to the back cover.

56. Disconnect the 2 antenna cables from the antennas and remove them.

57. Remove the 2 antennas by removing 1 screw from each.

58. Remove the 2 hinges by removing 1 screw from each.