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9th September 2010 See below DCE817 White 1 of 1

Disuse of a part and material change for better productivity

1. Model Name 2. Description

MX-M260/M310, AR-M256/M316 To improve productivity, the poly slider inserted in front of the drum cup gear in the drive unit has been disused, and furthermore, the material of the drum cup gear has been changed.

3. Action

Executed from the middle of production in July, 2010
No Model name MX-M260 MX-M260N MX-M310 MX-M310N AR-5726 AR-5726X AR-5731 AR-5731X AR-M256 AR-M257 AR-M258 AR-M316 AR-M317 AR-M318 AR-5625 AR-5625X AR-5631 AR-5631X Version P/G No. Current parts Parts code New parts Parts code Price rank Q'ty Parts name Effective time Interchangeability Note

19 -24 26 -101





Drum cup gear





19 -26 26 -26





Poly slider

1. Interchangeable. 2. Current type can be used in place of new type. New type cannot be used in place of current type. 3. Current type cannot be used in place of new type. New type can be used in place of current type. 4. Not Interchangeable. 5. Interchangeable if replaced with same types of related parts in use. 6. Others.

Parts marked with " " is important for maintaining the safety of the set. Be sure to replace these parts with specified ones for maintaining the safety and performance of the set.

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