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KN-304 Installation Procedure
Applied Machine: IP-011

[1] Accessory parts
No. 1 Name Network board 1 Shape Q'ty

[3] Setup procedure
1. Connect the connection cord to the network board.


Connection cord 1
Connection cord


CD (Instruction manual/ Utility software) 1

2. Remove the main cover of the IP-011 (11 screws) and the screening board (2 screws).
Main cover


Quick Configuration Guide

Quick Configuration Guide


Screening board

[2] Preparations
If the IP-011 is already installed on the Konica 7020, unfasten one installation screw and remove the IP011. 3. When the network board has been inserted half way in, connect its connection cord to the connector of the printer controller.



4 Fully insert the network board and secure it with the screws. (2 screws).

5. Install the main cover (11 screws). Follow the installation procedures for the IP-011 to install it on the 7020.

[4] Test printing
1. Switch on the main and auxiliary power of the 7020. 2. Press the [Scanner/Printer] button. The Printer mode main screen will be displayed. 3. Select [Settings] on the Printer mode main screen to display the Printer settings menu. 4. Select [Test Print]. 5. Select [N/C Configuration]. 6. Check whether or not the selected page is printed correctly.