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Service Bulletin
Service bulletin # JBL2002-002 February 2002

To: all JBL Service Centers

Models: DSC 400 ( DSC100 )

Subject: Bad picture quality In RGB

In the event, you receive a DSC400 ( DSC100 ) with the complaint: In RGB mode, the picture has poor resolution or there are
pixels in the picture, do following modification.

Part needed: One resistor 75 (or two 150 in parallel)
One Transistor BC 548, part no. 3614-5925

The modification is only on the video board.

1. Remove the top cover of the DSC 100
2. Release the Video board (4 screws) and place the board with the solder side up.
3. Remove the SMD resistor R1178 (on the PCB , R1176, the 8 digit number is half covered by a solder point)
4. Use the two solder points from the resistor to place the transistors emitter and base, see the picture below for placing
the collector.
On the schematics, Base on output from IC109 pin 20, collector on 3.3V supply (see on diode D103), Emitter on
CN108 pin 8.

3.3 V

5. Add a 75 resistor from CN 108 pin 8 to ground.

6. Assemble the unit again and test the RGB mode Ground

CN108 pin 8

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