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ListInterfaee.mesa 25-0CT-77 15:08:14 Page 1

-- fila ListInterfaee.mesa
-- last modified by Sandman, September 7, 1977 4:45 PM
AltoDefs: FROM "altodefs",
BedDefs: FROM "beddefs",
CommanderDefs: FROM "commanderdefs",
IODefs: FROM "iodefs",
ListerDefs: FROM "listerdefs",
OutputDefs: FROM "outputdefs",
SegmentDefs: FROM "segmentdefs",
StringDefs: FROM "stringdefs",
SymbolTableDefs: FROM "symboltabledefs",
SymDefs: FROM "symdefs",
SystemDefs: FROM "systemdefs":
DEFINITIONS FROM ListerDefs, OutputDefs, SymOefs:
Listlnterface: PROGRAM IMPORTS ListerDefs, CommanderDefs, IODefs, OutputDefs, SegmentDefs, StringDefs,