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File No. S370-36

Systems OS/VS2
System Logic Library
Volume 1


Pages numbered as duplicates in this publication must be retained because
each of these documents information specific to individual Selectable Units.

This minor revision incorporates the following Selectable Units:

Scheduler Improvements VS2.03.804
Supervisor Performance # 1 VS2.03.805
Supervisor Performance # 2 VS2.03.807

The selectable unit to which the information applies, is noted in the upper corner of the page.

First Edition (July, 1976)

This is a reprint of SY28-0713-0 incorporating changes released in the following
Selectable Unit Newsletters:

SN28-2682 (dated May 28, 1976)
SN28-2686 (dated May 28, 1976)
SN28-2691 (dated May 28, 1976)

This edition applies to Release 3.7 of OS/VS2 and to all subsequent releases of OS/VS2 until
otherwise indicated in new editions or Technical Newsletters. Changes are continually made to
the information herein; before using this pUblication in connection with the operation of IBM
systems, consult the latest IBM System/370 Bibliography, GC20-0001, for the editions that are
applicable and current.

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