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This publication describes supervisor facilities that can be influenced by the
system programnier.
Part I: Supervisor Services discusses supervisor functions restricted to
system programmers and installation-approved personnel, and the macro
instructions and parameters used to obtain the functions.
Part I is divided into seven topics. For conv~nience and compatability, these
services are grouped in the same manner as in OS/VS2 Supervisor Services
and Macro Instructions, GC28-0683. Accordingly, some of the subjects
discussed are merely continuations of previous coverage, but are extended
to ~nclude discussions of the new functions. However, some subjects
discussed under the topics are completely new, but are restricted in use to
the system programmer.
Part II: Macro Instructions contains the formats and descriptions of the
supervisor macro instructions. It provides system programmers with the
information necessary to code the macro instructions.
Publications referenced:
OS/VS2 System Programming Library: Data Management, GC26-3830.
IBM System/370 Principles of Operation, GA22-7000.
OS/VS2 Supervisor Services and Macro Instructions, GC28-0683.
OS/VS2 Scheduler and Supervisor Logic, SY28-0624,SY28-0625,SY28-0626.
(3 volumes)