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PowerBook G3 Series
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Hot Issues
PowerBook G3 Series
Hot Issues Overview - 1

This chapter is designed to highlight unique or high-
priority product issues that you should be aware of before
servicing the PowerBook G3 Series computers.

This chapter alerts you to important issues and provides
links to other areas in the manual where more complete
information can be found. This chapter is not intended to
replace other parts of this manual; it merely provides a
pointer to pertinent information in those chapters.

To familiarize yourself with a new product family, always
read the Basics chapter in its entirety.
Hot Issues Overview - 2

PowerBook G3 Series: Identifying PowerBook
G3 Series Circuit Boards
Discussion: When replacing PowerBook G3 Series circuit
boards it is very important to check the ID codes to verify
that you are ordering the correct part.

The ID codes listed below can be found within the serial
numbers that are attached to the circuit boards. They are
not part of the whole unit serial number that is attached to
the bottom of the PowerBook.

These serial numbers can be located in the following