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Agilent AN 1200-7
Simplified Analysis of Phase Locked Loop
Capture and Tracking Range
Application Note

Agilent Technologies 53310A
Modulation Domain Analyzer

Direct Analysis of Phase-Locked
Situation Freq
Phase-Locked Loops (PLLs) are com- uenc
y vs
mon yet essential circuits in many
profil he PLL's
the p e as it is output
electronic applications. They may be oints ram frequ ile
and where t ped thro ncy
used as narrowband filters to recover reca h u
ptur e loop lo gh
es lo ses
Freq ck.
signals embedded in noise, or for syn- uenc
chronizing digital transmissions in Capt
communication applications. Other The u ure Ra
givin pper an nge
traditional uses include frequency gac d
lear lower ca
sure pture fr
synthesizers, demodulators, multipli- of th equen
e ca
ptur cy points
ers, dividers, and many more. e ran
ge of of the P
the P LL are
LL. show
The analysis of PLLs is challenging. k
The u ing Ra
point pper an nge
Components can be assessed individ- d
are s s where lower fr
hown the P eque
ually, but closed loop characterization of th n
e tra . This giv LL loses cy
cking es lo
is often difficult to obtain. Both tran- rang a meas ck
e of u
the P re
sient and dynamic frequency response Capt LL.
u re Tr
are of interest to the designer. Fast Pote
tran ntially tr
sient ouble Time
and direct analysis of parameters with
a qu s can be some ca
time ick a easil ptur
such as capture and tracking range base
tmen y examin e
t of e
the d
are needed to improve characteriza-
tion and shorten design cycles.
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