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Getting Started with TDSHT3 4. To connect the DUT, click Tests > Connect. 8. If you have run the tests successfully, the software
makes Result available automatically and displays the
You can use this side of the quick reference card to get eye diagram plot and the clock jitter plot. You can also
started with the Source Clock-Data Tests Select All test view both the result summary of the test and the report
procedure. The other side contains a complete menu tree for configuration in the result pane.
the TDSHT3 HDMI Compliance Test Software.

NOTE. For additional procedures, refer to the
TDSHT3 Quick Start User Manual. For
complete operating instructions, refer to the
online help.
5. Make the connections as follows:

TDSHT3 HDMI Compliance Test Software enables
unprecendented efficiency by providing a comprehensive
range of tests, including Jitter Tolerance.
9. In the result summary pane, click Result Details to
Source Clock-Data Tests Select All display the results of the tests.
This option enables you to run the Eye Diagram, Duty
Cycle, Rise Time, Fall Time, Clock Jitter, Over/Undershoot
V-H, Over/Undershoot V-I, and Inter-Pair Skew test
You will need one supported oscilloscope, two differential
probes, one DC power supply 3.3 V, one EDID emulator,
and one TPA-P-DI fixture.
Follow these steps:
1. On the menu bar, click Tests > Select > Source. 10. In the Result Details dialog box, click Result Statistics
2. In the clock-data tests pane, click Select All. to display statistics based on the tests.

6. Ensure that your signal in the oscilloscope display is
similar to the sample signal. Click View Waveform to
display a sample of the expected signal. If the displays
are not similar, go back and check your configuration
and connections.

3. To change the configuration settings, click Tests >
Configure. For most tests, you can use the factory The software calculates statistics for each selected test, and
default configuration. However, you can change the logs the statistics on a cycle-by-cycle basis in a fairly large
values by using the virtual keyboard or the general waveform. The standard statistics are for the Maximum,
purpose knob on the oscilloscope front panel. Using the Minimum, Mean, Standard Deviation, and Population.
File menu, you can also restore the factory defaults or
save and recall your own configuration settings.
7. Click Run Test to perform the test. The TDSHT3
HDMI Compliance Test Software sets up the
oscilloscope and the test runs displaying a progress

For up-to-date information on Tektronix oscilloscope To order along with oscilloscope:
solutions for HDMI Compliance Test Software, access the
www.tektronix.com Web page. H Opt. HT3 - HDMI Compliance Test Software
To order an upgrade for an existing oscilloscope:
TDSHT3 Ordering Information
H TDS6000B - Order TDS6BUP - Opt. HT3
This software supports the TDS6000B, TDS6000C,
TDS7254/B, TDS7404/B, CSA7404/B, TDS7704B, and H TDS7000/B - Order TDS7UP/7BUP - Opt. HT3
DPO/DSA70000 series of oscilloscopes. Refer to the H CSA7000/B - Order TDS7UP/7BUP - Opt. HT3
Optional Applications Software on Windows-Based
Oscilloscopes Installation Manual for a list of specific Recommended Accessories
models. The applications CD includes a PDF file of the
online help. Oscilloscopes
H 16M Record Length/Ch - Opt. 4M or more (for Eye
Diagram and Jitter tests)
H Serial Trigger - Opt. ST (for Inter-pair Skew tests)
HDMI Pattern Sources
H Jitter Generation - AWG710B (for Sink tests)
H Test Pattern Generation - DTG5274 and DTGM30 for
Sink Tests (three required)
TDR Tests
H Oscilloscope - TDS8000B with 80E03 and 80E04
modules TDSHT3
Probes HDMI Compliance Test Software
H Differential Probes - P6330, P7330, P7350 (two probes Reference
required), and P7380
H Active Probes - P7240 and above (two probes required)
Source Test
H Probe Positioner - PPM100 Flexible Arm Probe Posi-
Test Fixtures
H Plug type - HDMI TPA-P adapter set - 013-A013-50
H Receptacle type - HDMI TPA-R adapter set -

TDSHT3 Menu Tree
Recall Default
File Recall Recent Position Eye Mask in Center
Preferences Acquisition Alert Message
Minimize Pulse Width
Trigger (Rise/Fall Time or Over/Undershoot)
Exit Edge Trigger

Eye Diagram
Source Duty Cycle
Select Sink Rise Time
Cable Fall Time
Clock Jitter
Over/Undershoot VH
Source Over/Undershoot VL
InterPair Skew (ClockData Tests)
InterPair Skew (DataData Tests)
IntraPair Skew
Low Amplitude +
Tests Configure Low Amplitude

Min/MaxDiff Swing Tolerance
Sink Jitter Tolerance
IntraPair Skew

Cable Eye Diagram

View Waveform

Results Details
Define Test Template
Utilities Report Generator Define Report Layout
Deskew Generate Report

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