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This publication is intended for use by those members of It is the subscriber's responsibility to maintain the current
the data processing community who need this information status of the manual by incorporating the updated material
in their work as consultants in the field of data processing as received from I BM. Subscribers are requested to contact
and/or for those who directly or indirectly assist the users the appropriate I BM branch office prior to incorporating
of I BM data processing systems in the installation and material from this reference manual in their evaluation or
application of such systems. recommendations since, of necessity, the material may not
be complete.
It is made available on a subscription basis at $141.95 the
first year (including up-to-date manuals, binders and 12 Publishers who may wish to quote from this manual are
monthly supplements) and $64.80 for subsequent years (12 invited to contact the I BM Department of Information for
monthly supplements only). Requests for subscription technical review of all such material prior to publication
should be submitted to the nearest I BM branch office.
Filing Instructions
The material contained in this manual and the supplements All pages are direct replacements unless noted.
thereto has been prepared pri mari Iy for the general
guidance of consultants and technical personnel. It includes National Marketing Division-Orange Tabs
technical information relative to IBM equipment and
programs, but it is not designed to be all-inclusive or to Programming
necessarily represent the exact status of equipment or
programs at any point in time. Remove File
Checklist 1-4 Checklist 1-4
All prices shown are for information purposes only, and are
subject to change without notice. Applicable taxes are not Ser/1 1.1 (Contents) Ser/1 1.1 (Contents)
shown. I BM products and services are provided under the thru Ser/1 1.4 thru Ser/1 1.4
terms of an applicable I BM agreement.
Ser/1 3.1 Ser/1 3.1
Machines which are shown in this manual as withdrawn are thru Ser/1 4.20 thru Ser/1 4.22
no longer available from IBM. Data concerning these
machines is provided for information purposes only. If
available, certain features may be ordered for withdrawn
machines. A Request for Price Quotation (RPQ) is required
before such a feature can be ordered.

Scheduled release and/or distribution dates, or time
schedules stated, are for information purposes only, and
are subject to change without prior notice.

References to R POs and PR POs are for information
purposes only; prior availability of such items should not
be considered an indication that they will be available in
the future.

References to internal I BM procedures and departments
are for the guidance of I BM personnel; users of the Service
For Consultants manual are to make all contacts with IBM
through the marketing representatives assigned to the Not to be reproduced without permission of:
accounts they represent. International Business Machines Corporation
1133 Westchester Avenue
White Plains, New York 10604
(TN L to SY20-0162-1)