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File No. S370-07

IBM 3850 Mass
Storage System (MSS)
Systems Installation Guide
Page of GA32-0030-2
Revis.ed August 15, 1977
By TNL: GN32-0017

In this publication, any reference to an IBM program product or Installed User
Program (IUP) is not intended to state or imply that only these programs may be used;
any functionally equivalent program may be used instead. This publication has
references to the following IBM programs:
JDCA - Job Data Compression Aid, IUP 5796-PHN
RACF - Resource Access Control Facility, Program Product 5740-XXH
SDMA -:- Storage Device Migration Aid, IUP 5796-PHP
OS/VS JeL Editor Program, IUP 5796-PDC

Third Edition (May 1977)

This edition is a revision of the previous edition numbered GA32-0030-1 and includes
Technical Newsletter GN32-OO13.
Each technical change is marked by a vertical bar to the left of the change.
The information contained in this pUblication is subject to significant change. Any such
changes will be published in new editions or technical newsletters. Before using this
publication in connection with the operation of IBM systems, consult the System/360 and
System/370 Bibliography, GA22-6R22, and the latest System/370 Advanced Function
Bibliography, GC20-1763, for the editions that are applicable and current.
Requests for copies of IBM publications should be made to your local IBM representative
or to the IBM branch office that serves you.
A form for reader's comments is at the back of this publication. Address any additional
comments to Information Planning and Editing, Dept. 21E, P. O. Box 1900, Boulder,
Colorado 80302.