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3+0pen Version 1.1 Maintenance

Update Instructions
Part Number 7642-00

These instructions tell you how to perfonn the software
maintenance update on your network servers and

You must have installed or upgraded to 3+0pen version
1.1 software before perfonning this update. When you
update to this 3+0pen version, many flIes are completely
replaced. Directories created with version 1.1 will still
exist after the update has been completed.

Updating all servers and workstations on the network with
the Maintenance Update ensures better reliability,
interoperability, and supportability.

NOTE: Reformatting the hard disk is not requiredfor this

This update and these update instructions are intended for
persons familiar with MS OS(2 and 3+0pen. Read
through these instructions and the 3 +Open Version 1.1
Maintenance Update Release Notes, included in this
upgrade package, before you begin the upgrade to
familiarize yourself with the process. It is crucial to
follow the instructions carefully.

1 3Com Corporation May 1990
Along with these upgrade instructions and release notes,
you may need to refer to the following 3+Open
documents: 3 +OpenJor 3Servers Installation and Setup
Guide, 3 +Open LAN Manager Installation and Setup
Guide, and the 3+0pen Backup Guide. If you have Start
volumes, you may need to refer to the 3 +Open Start
Guide. If you need assistance with this update, contact
your network supplier.

~ word workstation and its derivatives
(NETWKSTA.EXE, and so forth) are used throughout
these instructions because they appear in the LAN
Manager software and data files. The word netstation is
used as another word for workstation.

Procedures for Updating Your System
Updating network servers and workstations with the
3+Open Version 1.1 Maintenance Update involves these
main procedures: