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File Number S360-30
Form No. C30-500l-5 DOS

Systems Reference Library

IBM System/360
Disk Operating System
Basic TelecDmmunications Access MethDd
Program Number 360 N-CO-469
This publication describes the Basic
Telecommunications Access Method (BTAM) used
with the System/360 Disk Operating System (DOS)
control program. BTAM provides' READ/WRITE level
macro instructions for the assembler-language
programmer who is implementing programs for
telecommunications applications.

Included are macro instruction formats and
descriptions and specific information on
device-dependent considerations.

For titles and abstracts of associated
publications see the IBM System/360 Bibliography,
Form A22-6822.
Sixth Edition, April 1968

This edition, C30-500l-5, is a major revision of, and obsoletes,
C30-500l-4. In addition, it incorporates changes released in
Technical Newsletters N30-50l6, N30-5024, N30-5505, N30-5507, and
N30-5508. With the exception of the support described for planning
purposes (see the Note at the end of the Preface), the support
described herein corresponds to Release 17 of the Disk Operating
System (DOS). Changes to the text are indicated by a vertical line
to the left of the change; revised illustrations are denoted by the
symbol (e) to the left of the caption.

Significant changes or additions to the specifications contained in
this publication are continually being made. When using this publi-
cation in connection with the operation of IBM equipment, check the
latest SRL Newsletter for revisions or contact the local IBM branch

Requests for copies of IBM publications should be made to your IBM
representative or to the IBM branch office serving your locality~

A form is provided at the back of this publication for readers'
comments. If the form has been removed comments may be addressed to
IBM Corporation, Programming Documentation, Department 844, P.O. Box
12275, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27709.