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S/M NO. : TSL900AEF0

Service Manual
Model : DLA-32C7LAB

: In this Manual, some parts can be changed for improving. their
performance without notice in the parts list. So, if you need the
latest parts information, please refer to PPL(Parts Price List)in
Service Information Center.

Dec. 2007
1. Safety Precaution 3
2. Preliminary Troubleshooting 4
3. Product Specification 5
1) Standard of Product 5
2) Available Input Signal 6
3) Available PIP Mode 6
4) Closed Caption Specification 7
5) V Chip(Parent Control) Specification 8
4. Service Remote Controller 9
1) Key Arrangement 9
2) Service Mode Data 10
5. Block Diagram 12
6. Hardware Troubleshooting : Digital Board 13
7. Hardware Troubleshooting : SMPS 18
1) FEL-3237UL : DLA-32/37C7LABD 18
2) FEL-4247UL : DLA-42C7LABD 20
8. Bill Of Materials 22
1) DLA-32C7LABD 22
9. Software Upgrade Methord 31
1) Flash Upgrade 35
10. Mechanical Development Figure 41
1) DLA-32C7LABD 41
2) DLA-37C7LABD 42
3) DLA-42C7LABD 43
11. Hanger Unit Manual
1. Safety Precaution

(1) When moving or laying down a LCD Set, at least two people must work together. Avoid any
impact towards the LCD Set.

(2) Do not leave a broken LCD Set on for a long time. To prevent any further damages, after
checking the condition of the broken Set, make sure to turn the power (AC) off.

(3) When opening the BACK COVER, you must turn off power (AC) to prevent any electric

(4) When loosening screws, check the position and type of the screw. Sort out the screws and
store them separately for reassembling. Because screws holding PCBs are working as
electric circuit grounding, make sure to check if any screw is missing when assembling /
reassembling. Do not leave any screws inside the set.

(5) A LCD Set contains different kinds of connector cables. When connecting or disconnecting
cables, check the direction and position of the cable beforehand.

(6) Connect/disconnect the connectors slowly with care especially FFC (film) cables and FPC
cables. Do not connect or disconnect connectors instantaneously with force, and handle
them carefully for reassembling.

(7) Connectors are designed so that if the number of pins or the direction does not match,
connectors will not fit. When having problem in plugging the connectors, check their kind,
position, and direction.

2. Preliminary Troubleshooting

1) LCD TV does not response or remote controller does not work.
- Check the power cord to be plugged.
- Check the battery of the remote controller.

2) Sound is discontinuous or broken sometimes.
- Check if [SOUND] -> [AVC] is [ON].
- Set the sound effect into 'F Mono'.
- Set the [SOUND] -> [Digital Volume] into proper value.
- [Digital Volume] is enabled only in digital program.

3) Picture of digital program is sometimes broken and sound is discontinuous.
- Digital program has a little problem because of signal receiving status.
- Check if the RF cable is correctly connected.
- Ask for the broadcasting station if the RF cable connection has no problem.

4) Picture of analog program is noisy.
- Check the RF cable connection.
- Check if [Picture] -> [N.R] is ON.
- Change the [Channel] -> [Fine Tune] value.

5) Sound is not generated in HDMI mode.
- Reconnect HDMI jack.
- DVI signal has no sound. Check the output signal of device to be connected to LCD TV.
- If you want to use DVI-HDMI cable, you should also connect audio cable into the LCD TV.

6) In spite of 'Auto Setup', picture size is not completely adapted to the screen in PC mode.
- Check if the input signal is available.
- Ensure that the desktop has no black area.
- Some errors (picture position problem) will be occurred according to certain video card.
In this case, you should adjust 'Frequency' control.

7) In spite of 'Auto Setup', picture is not clear in the PC mode.
- Adjust 'Phase' control.

3. Product Specification

1) Standard of Product


LCD Panel Panel Model LC320W01-SLA1(A-/M) LC370WX4-SLA1(A-/M) LC420WX7-SLA1(A-/M)
Screen Size 81.28 cm 93.98 cm 106.68 cm
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Resolution 1366 x 768 (WXGA)
Pixel Pitch 170.25