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Keithley Instruments, Inc.
28775 Aurora Road
4225-PMU and 4220-PGU
Cleveland, Ohio 44139
SMU and BNC Interconnect Kit

The 4200-PMU-PROBER-KIT is a collection of standard and custom connectors and accessories used to connect
the 4225-PMU/4220-PGU to a common variety of prober stations. It also allows each channel of the 4225-PMU to
connect to the 4200-SMU/4210-SMU with a single cable. This enables both 4225-PMU and 4200-SMU/4210-SMU
tests to be run without a switch matrix or re-cabling. This kit is compatible with the 4210-MMPC multi-measurement
performance cable kits.
Figure 1: Model 4200-PMU-PROBER-KIT accessories

NOTE: Each kit contains all cables and accessories for one dual-channel 4225-PMU or 4220-
PGU card. One 4225-PMU/4220-PGU card requires one 4200-PMU-PROBER-KIT.
Four 4225-PMU/4220-PGU cards require four 4200-PMU-PROBER-KITs.

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