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File No. S360-36

Systems Reference Library

OS Release 21

IBM System/3S0 Operating System
Supervisor Services and Macro

The title of this manual was formerly IBM System/360
Operating Supervisor services. The descriptions of the
supervisor macro instructions formerly found in IBM
System/360 Operating system Supervisor and Data
Management Macro Instructions, GC28-6647 have been

This manual describes how to use the services of the
supervisor, the macro instructions used to request
these services, and the linkage conventions used by the
control program to provide these services. Included in
the services of the supervisor are program management,
task creation and management, and main-storage

Intended mainly for the programmer coding in
assembler language, this book is a guide to using the
macro instructions described. This book does not
discuss macro instructions used for graphics,
teleprocessing, optical readers, optical -
reader-sorters, or magnetic character readers. These
macro instructions are discussed in separate
publications that are listed in the IBM System/360
Bibliography, GA22-6822.

Eighth Edition (September, 1974)

This edition is a publisher's revision of GC28-6646-6,
and incorporates TNL GN27-1419. This edition applies
to as Release 21.7

This publication now contains the descriptions of
the supervisor macro instructions formerly contained in
Supervisor and Data Management Macro Instructions,
GC28-6647. In addition, technical changes and
clarifications have been made throughout the book.

The information in the book changes from time to time. Before using
this manual with IBM systems, consult the latest IBM 360 SRL Newsletter,
GN20-0360, for the editions that are current and applicable.

Requests for copies of IBM publications should be made to your IBM
representative or to the IBM branch office serving your locality.

A form is provided at the back of this publication for reader's
comments. If the form has been removed, comments may be addressed to
IBM corporation, Programming Publications, Department 636, Neighborhood
Road, Kingston, New York, 12401. All comments become the property of