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Color StyleWriter 6500
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Color StyleWriter 6500
Basics Overview - 1

The Color StyleWriter 6500
printer is a high-
performance four-color
desktop color thermal ink-
jet printer for personal use.

It features high-resolution
documents, high-speed
printing (up to 8 pages per
minute (ppm) in black and
white and 4 ppm in color),
and built-in support for
computers running the Mac
OS, Windows 95, Windows
3.1 and DOS.
Basics Overview - 2

Installing Ink
1 Open the front cover.

Latches 2 Lift both of the ink-
cartridge latches.

3 Remove the tape from
the cartridge's print
Basics Overview - 3

4 Slide the ink cartridge
down into the carrier,
and then close the latch
over each cartridge.
Color ink cartridge Black ink cartridge

5 Press firmly to snap
each latch into place.
Basics Overview - 4

Replacement Ink
The ink cartridges used
with the Color StyleWriter
6500 have a generic
cartridge label. There is no
Apple logo or Apple part
number on the cartridge. To
identify a cartridge, refer to
the small numeric part
number on the label. This
number can be cross-
referenced to the
appropriate Apple
Marketing number in the
chart that follows.
Basics Overview - 5

Identify ink cartridges by cross referencing the chart below.

Apple Marketing
Part Number Product Description HP Cartridge

M5658G/A Black Ink Cartridge 6104

M5659G/A Color Ink Cartridge 6105

Note: Apple ink cartridges can be found at most Apple authorized dealers, as well
as most office product and computer superstores. Catalog and mail order houses
which specialize in Macintosh products, such as MacWarehouse, MacMall, and
MacZone carry a complete selection of genuine Apple Printer Supplies. You can
also call the Apple Reseller Referral number at 1-800-538-9696, which will
refer you to an authorized Apple dealer in your area.
Basics Overview - 6

Recommended Coated
Apple recommends Apple
Color Ink-Jet PREMIUM
PLUS Coated Paper. It is the
coated paper of choice to use
with the Color StyleWriter
6500 ink-jet printer.