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FROM: Carol Jonas DATE: 12/3/82
Chris Mayo

TO: Bert Speelpenning SUBJECT: Architecturally fixed
object numbers.
Cc:Barbara Jacobson File: fixedobj.jonas
HPE I PMs and PLs
HPE I/O PMs and PLs
Shane Dickey
Ken Spalding
Dave Anderson
Dave Salomaki
Arne Bergh

After publishing the first memo regarding reserved group zero
logical objects, we received a request to fix an object number
for the Group 0 ODT itself. Fixing the Group 0 ODT is important
for system performance. We have decided to use group zero
logical object 6 for the ODT. The trap and interrupt handlers,
then, move down one to group zero logical objects 1 through 11.
The following page shows a tabularization of the currently
reserved group zero objects.
Reserved objects:

la va name type use allocation
0.1.0 1 0 SYSCOM DATA h/w & s/w 1 page minimum on
conununication system startup
0.2.0 2 0 SOFT\iARE DATA s/w conununication 1 page on system
0.3.0 3_0 PDIR DATA the page table size based on
physical memory
size allocated on
system startup
O.lt.O It_O HASH DATA the hash table size based on
physical memory
size allocated on
system startup