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Lisa 2 Upgrade Kit

Customer Instructions
Installation and Data Transfer

Lisa 2 Ungrade Kit
Customer Instructions

The following procedures describe the process of
loading the Lisa 2 software on a Lisa 1 that has been
upgraded to a Lisa 2. Before continuing, be sure you
have completed the items on the following checklist.
Have you:

1) Received your update to the Workshop? Language
product (Workshop, Pascal, Basic, COBOL) versions that ran with orfice System 1.0 will
NOT be compatible with this new release of the Office System. Those who have purchased
the language products should order an update to them before installing this upgrade.

2) Loaded your documents to the ProFile? You should
have loaded the documents you wish to save on ProFile before bringing your system to the
dealer for installation of the retrofit hardware. If you are performing the retrofit
yourself) the procedure for saving your documents is described in appendix 1 at the end
of this docurrent. This process takes anywhere from ten minutes to tVJlO hours, depending
on the arrount of data you wish to save.

3) Had the upgrade hardware installed? The dealer
typically performs this part of the upgrade. If you have received this kit without access
to a dealer t you can perform the upgrade following the procedures in appendix 2 at the
end of this document. This process takes about one-half hour.

4) Purchased enough micro diskettes to contain
the documents you wish to save? The procedure requires that the
user purchase enough microdiskettes to carry all of the customer's data files saved on
the ProFile. This would be a maximum of eight for each ProFile; two are included with the

Once you have completed these steps, continue with
the software installation instructions on the
following page.

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