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CRT A34JLL90X01,A34EAC01X06,A34EFU13X01
System C14M7E : PAL-B/G for West Europe (Non-TXT)
C14M7F : PAL-B/G, SECAM-L for France (Non-TXT)
C14T7B : PAL- I for U.K (TXT)
C14M7B : PAL- I for U.K (Non-TXT)
C14T7L : PAL - I/I for Ireland (TXT)
C14M7L : PAL - I/I for Ireland (Non-TXT)
Main Voltage 230V AC, 50Hz
Power Consumption Stand-by mode : 8 Watts
Normal operating mode : 39Watts
Sound output 1.5 Watts, 10 % THD at RF 60 % mod.
Speaker 3W 16 ohm x 1 EA
Antenna 75 ohm unbalanced input
Tuning system VS( voltage synthesis ) tuning
Tuner 3303KHC (C14M7E, C14M7F, C14T7L, C14M7L)
BAND I : CH2 - CH4
CABLE BAND : S1' - S3' , S1 - S20
HYPER BAND : S21 - S41
BAND IV, V : CH21 - CH69
DT2-IV17D (C14T7B, C14M7B )
BAND IV, V : CH21 - CH69
Number of 70 programs
Aux. Terminal 21 pin EURO-SCART jack
( AV input, TV output, RGB input, S-VHS input )
RCA type AV input jack
Headphone jack (3.5 mm )
Remote controller RM-01A01 with 2 "AA" type batteries
Teletext 8 pages memory TOP & FLOF
(option) : English, German/Dutch/Flemish, French, Italian,
Spanish/Portuguese, Swedish/Finnish/Danish, Czech/Slovak
OSD language -TXT Model : English,French,German,Italian,Spanish
-Non-TXT Model : English,French,German,Italian,Spanish, Russian

Safety Instruction

WARNING: Only competent service personnel may carry out work involving the testing or repair of
this equipment.

1. Excessive high voltage can produce potentially 2. The only source of X-RAY Radiation in this TV
hazardous X-RAY RADIATION.To avoid such receiver is the picture tube.For continued X-RAY
hazards, the high voltage must not exceed the RADIATION protection,the replacement tube
specified limit. The nominal value of the high must be exactly the same type tube as specified
voltage of this receiver is 22-23 at max beam in the parts list.
current. The high voltage must not, under any
circumstances, exceed 27.5 .
Each time a receiver requires servicing, the high
voltage should be checked. It is important to use
an accurate and reliable high voltage meter.

1. Potentials of high voltage are present when this 2. If any Fuse in this TV receiver is blown, replace it
receiver is operating. Operation of the receiver with the FUSE specified in the Replacement
outside the cabinet or with the back board Parts List.
removed involves a shock hazard from the 3. When replacing a high wattage resistor(oxide
receiver. metal film resistor)in circuit board, keep the
1) Servicing should not be attempted by anyone resistor 10mm away from circuit board.
who is not thoroughly familiar with the 4. Keep wires away from high voltage or high
precautions necessary when working on high- temperature components.
voltage equipment. 5. This receiver must operate under AC230 volts,
2) Discharge the high potential of the picture tube 50Hz. NEVER connect to DC supply or any other
before handling the tube. The picture tube is power or frequency.
highly evacuated and if broken, glass
fragments will be violently expelled.

Many electrical and mechanical parts in this have identified by designated symbol on the parts list.
special safety-related characteristics. These Before replacing any of these components, read the
characteristics are often passed unnoticed by a parts list in this manual carefully. The use of
visual inspection and the X-RAY RADIATION substitute replacement parts which do not have the
protection afforded by them cannot necessarily be same safety characteristics as specified in the parts
obtained by using replacement components rated list may create X-RAY Radiation.
for higher voltage,wattage,etc. Replacement parts
which have these special safety characteristics are
identified in this manual and its supplements,
electrical components having such features are

Circuit block Diagram

Alignment Instructions

Remark: A service remocon(R-30SVC) is needed to align the set.
1. AFT

1.1 Standard B/G,D/K,I and L
1) Set a Signal Generator with
- RF FREQUENCY = 38.9 MHz,