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1. Precautions

2. Product Specifications

3. Disassembly & Reassembly

4. Alignment & Adjustments

5. Troubleshooting

6. Exploded View & Parts List

7. Electrical Parts List

8. Block Diagram

9. Wiring Diagram

10. Schematic Diagrams
1 Precautions
1-1 Safety Precautions
WARNINGS 2. Inspect all protective devices such as nonmetallic
1. For continued safety, do not attempt to modify the control knobs, insulating materials, cabinet backs,
circuit board. adjustment and compartment covers or shields,
2. Disconnect the AC power before servicing. isolation resistor-capacitor networks, mechanical
insulators, etc.
3. When the chassis is operating, semiconductor
heatsinks are potential shock hazards. 3. Leakage Current Hot Check (Figure 1-1):
WARNING: Do not use an isolation transformer during
1-1-1 Servicing the High Voltage and CRT : this test.
WARNING:A high voltage VR replaced in the wrong Use a leakage current tester or a metering system
direction may cause excessive X-ray that complies with American National Standards
emissions. Institute (ANSI C101.1, Leakage Current for
1. When servicing the high voltage system, remove Appliances), and Underwriters Laboratories (UL
the static charge by connecting a 10 kohm resistor Publication UL1410, 59.7).
in series with an insulated wire (such as a test 4. With the unit completely reassembled, plug the AC
probe) between the chassis and the anode lead. line cord directly into a 120V AC outlet. With the
2. When troubleshooting a monitor with excessively unit's AC switch first in the ON position and then
HV, avoid being unnecessarily close to the monitor. OFF, measure the current between a known earth
Do not operate the monitor for longer than is ground (metal water pipe, conduit, etc.) and all
necessary to locate the cause of excessive voltage. exposed metal parts, including: metal cabinets,
screwheads and control shafts. The current
3. High voltage should always be kept at the rated measured should not exceed 0.5 milliamp. Reverse
value, no higher. Only when high voltage is the power-plug prongs in the AC outlet and repeat
excessive are X-rays capable of penetrating the shell the test.
of the CRT, including the lead in glass material.
Operation at high voltages may also cause failure of (READING SHOULD
the CRT or high voltage circuitry.
4. When the HV regulator is operating properly, there
is no possibility of an X-ray problem. Make sure the DEVICE
HV does not exceed its specified value and that it is TEST

regulating correctly. EXPOSED METAL

5. The CRT is especially designed to prohibit
X-ray emissions. To ensure continued X-ray 2-WIRE CORD

protection, replace the CRT only with one that is
the same or equivalent type as the original. ALSO TEST WITH
6. Handle the CRT only when wearing shatterproof (USING AC ADAPTER
goggles and after completely discharging the high EARTH

voltage anode.
7. Do not lift the CRT by the neck. Figure 1-1. Leakage Current Test Circuit

1-1-2 Fire and Shock Hazard : 1-1-3 Product Safety Notices
Before returning the monitor to the user, perform the Some electrical and mechanical parts have special
following safety checks: safety-related characteristics which are often not
evident from visual inspection. The protection they give
1. Inspect each lead dress to make certain that the
may not be obtained by replacing them with
leads are not pinched or that hardware is not
components rated for higher voltage, wattage, etc. Parts
lodged between the chassis and other metal parts in
that have special safety characteristics are identified by
the monitor.
! on schematics and parts lists. A substitute
replacement that does not have the same safety
characteristics as the recommended replacement part
might create shock, fire and / or other hazards. Product
safety is under review continuously and new
instructions are issued whenever appropriate.
Components identified by on schematics and parts
lists must be sealed by a soldering iron after
replacement and adjustment.

CF21M* 1-1
2 Product Specifications
2-1 Specifications

Item Description

Picture Tube: 21-Inch (53 cm): 20-inch (50.8 cm) viewable, 21": 0.25 mm Dot pitch.
Full-square tube / Perfect Flatmess, 90