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Keithley Instruments
28775 Aurora Road
Multi-Frequency C-V Meter
Cleveland, Ohio 44139

The Keithley Instruments PCT-CVU is a capacitance-voltage (C-V) instrument sold as an accessory to the Model
2600-PCT-xB line of parametric curve tracers. The unit consists of a Keithley Instruments Model 4200-SCS
Parameter Analyzer with a factory-installed 4210-CVU C-V measurement card.
Figure 1: PCT-CVU front panel

The PCT-CVU is a specifically-configured Model 4200-SCS; no other 42xx cards may be installed in the
unit. To upgrade the instrument with other 42xx cards, you must return the instrument to the factory for an
upgrade. Contact your Keithley Instruments applications engineer for details.

C-V measurements and software
The PCT-CVU is supplied with both KITE measurement software and ACS Basic measurement software
installed. ACS Basic software requires a license key, purchased separately. Otherwise, a 30-day software trial
period is enabled.
If a bias voltage of less than 30 V is required, a bias tee kit is not necessary. If a bias voltage of greater than 30 V
is required, select the appropriate bias tee kit. The PCT-CVU can be used with the CVU-200-KIT or CVU-3K-KIT
bias tee kits or the Model 8020 with the 8020 bias tee / C-V-installed option to enable high voltage capacitance
measurements. When a bias tee option is used along with the PCT-CVU for C-V measurements, either ACS
Basic or ACS Standard software is required.

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