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File No. 8360/8370-00

IBM System/360 and System/370
Systems Bibliography

This bibliography identifies and describes all technical publications
and related materials needed by those who plan for, program, install,
or operate the IBM System/360 (Model 22 and above) and the IBM

Titles, order numbers, current status, subject codes, an abstract of
each item, and graphic library charts are provided.

This bibliography is updated regularly to include new or revised
publications and abstracts pertaining to this system library.

System/360 Model 20 publications and abstracts are provided in a
separate bibliography, order number GA26-3565.
Twenty-fast Edition (July 1973); level of June 7, 1973

This is a major revision of, and supersedes, GA22-6822-19 and Technical Newsletter

This edition incorporates and makes obsolete a temporary supplement, IBM System/370
Advanced Function Bibliography, GC2()'1763.

In Part 3, which was introduced in the Twentieth Edition, the subject code of each
publication has now been added to the left of its order number.

Requests for IBM publications should be made to your IBM representative or to the
mM branch office serving your locality.

A form for readers' comments is provided at the back of this bibliography. If the form
has been removed, comments may be addressed to IBM Corporation, Dept. 77 A,
1133 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, New York 10604. Comments and suggestions
become the property of mM.

For each major IBM data processing system, publi- example, it applies to more than one programming
cations useful in planning, programming, installing system.
and operating that system are assembled in a Items under the same subject code heading are
system library. listed in sequence. Basic sequences include: nu-
meric by machine type for machine publications;
Subject Identification and Filing alphabetic by program name for program publica-
Where a file number (e.g., S360-33) appears on a tions; or alphameric by title for installation forms
publication, it identifies the system library in the and supplies.
prefix (S360) and the subject classification in the In Part 1, the basic eight-position order number
suffix (33, i.e., sort/merge). of each publication is given. Where it is necessary
to distinguish between publications that support
Prefix of File Number
different releases of a programming system, order-
Publications associated with two system libraries number suffixes (which identify specific editions of
identify both in the prefix. Publications applying to that publication), or the order numbers of supple-
more than two libraries have component number(s)
ments to that publication, are also given.
in the prefix if one or two components, GENL if
involving no one or two specific components, or TP
in the case of generalized teleprocessing. Part 2
Before ordering copies of publications, check the
Subject Code abstract, in Part 2, to be sure that your installation
The suffix of the file number identifies the subject will require the information. Abstracts are listed in
classification or code, such as 22 for APL or 15 for order-number sequence.
physical planning manuals and templates. The sub-
ject code indicates the filing sequence for publica- Part 3
tions in system libraries which are organized by the Part 3, the list of current editions by order number,
subject. shows all recent supplements (Technical News-
The subject code is used alone (Le., independent- letters, or TNLs) as well as all current editions.
ly of the file number.prefix) to identify and group
This part of the bibliography enables you to easily
associated publications. It is also used in subscrib-
ing to SLSS (System Library Subscription Service). locate and verify the currency of any publication