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-- File: Bootmesa.Mesa
-- Last edited by Sandman: May 24, 1978 11:63 AM
AllocDefs: FROM "allocdefs",
AltoDefs: FROM "altodefs",
AltoFileDefs: FROM "altofiledefs",
BcdDefs: FROM "bcddefs",
BootCacheDefs: FROM "bootcachedefs",
BootmesaDefs: FROM "bootmesadefs",
CommanderDefs: FROM "commanderdefs",
ControlDefs: FROM "controldefs",
FakeSegDefs: FROM "fakesegdefs",
FileLookupDefs: FROM "filelookupdefs",
ImageDefs: FROM "imagedefs",
IODefs: FROM "iodefs",
InlineDefs: FROM "inlinedefs",
LoaderBcdUtilDefs: FROM "loaderbcdutildefs",
LoadStateDefs: FROM "loadstatedefs",
MiscDefs: FROM "miscdefs",
OsStaticDefs: FROM "osstaticdefs",
ProcessDefs: FROM "processdefs",
SDDefs: FROM "sddefs",
SegmentDefs: FROM "segmentdefs",
StreamDefs: FROM "streamdefs",
StringDefs: FROM "stringdefs",
SystemDefs: FROM "systemdefs",
TimeDefs: FROM "timedefs",
WartDefs: FROM "wartdefs":
DEFINITIONS FROM FakeSegDefs, AltoDefs, ControlDefs, WartDefs, BootmesaDefs;
Bootmesa: PROGRAM [data: POINTER TO BootData]
IMPORTS BootCacheDefs, BootmesaDefs, CommanderDefs. IODefs, MiscDefs,
SegmentDefs, StringDefs, TimeDefs, FakeSegDefs, LoaderBcdUtilDefs
EXPORTS BootmesaDefs, FakeSegDefs
SHARES ControlDefs. ImageDefs. ProcessDefs