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May 20, 1954 No.9


The condition and appearance of tool bags should be maintained
to the usual IBM standards of appearance. Frequent condi-
tioning of bags with Saddle Soap will clean, polish and condition
the bag, as well as maintain a good appearance. Clean bags
will also save clothing.


Two simple steps are suggested for cleaning and conditioning
a bag with Saddle Soap.

1. Use a shoe polish applicator brush and apply in sidewise
strokes, leaving streaks or lines of Saddle Soap all over
the bag.

2. Use a cloth such as cheese cloth, and rub in circular
motion. If a bag is kept clean, the same cloth can be
used over and over and will work better after it has
absorbed some Saddle Soap.
Neither applicator brushes nor Saddle Soap will be available
from Poughkeepsie. Branch offices should purchase them

* * * *

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E. T. News Letter No. 9 - Page 2


A simple method for removing a carriage tension tape and
still maintain carriage tension is to insert the tapp, in the
carriage return tape. With the return tape unhooked, the
carriage can then be checked for possible binds.

* * * *
It has come to our attention that field personnel are sometimes
reluctant to request reinvestigation of their suggestions.
We want to assure you that the Suggestion Department is not
only willing but wants to reinvestigate any file that is not
answered to the complete satisfaction of the person submitting
the idea. At any time that a question arises concerning any
of your suggestions. pl~ase contactthe Suggestion Department
immediately indicating why t4e reinvestigation is being re-
quested. or pointing out just what information is desired.
This action will benefit both yourself and the company.
Please use the regular suggestion form for such correspond-
ence whenever it is possible for it supplies all ofthe necessary
copies to process your request and does expedite handling of
the file by the