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File No. S360/S370-30

IBM 3704 and 3705
Emulation Program
Generation and Utilities
Systems Guide and Reference Manual
Page of GC30-3002-7
Revised August 24, 1976
By TNL: GN30-3066

Eighth Edition (May, 1976)

This is a major revision of, and renders obsolete, GC30-3002-6. This
edition applies to:

Emulation Program (OS) (Program No. 360H-TX-035) Version 3 Modification 0

Emulation Program (DOS) (Program No. 360H-TX-036) Version 2 Modification 3

and to all subsequent versions and modifications until otherwise indicated in new
editions or Technical Newsletters.

Changes are continually made to the information herein; before using this publication
in connection with the operation of IBM systems, consult the IBM System/360
Bibliography (GC20-0360) or IBM System/370 Bibliography (GC20 -0001) and
associated Technical Newsletters for the editions that are applicable and current.

Changes are indicated by a revision bar to the left of the change. Refer to the
Summary of Amendments page for a description of the major additions and changes
in this edition.

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or to the IBM branch office serving your locality.

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been removed, CQmments may be sent to IBM System Communications Division,
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