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In addition to the changes needed to correct the HP 2000A TSB
System Version E% the fullowing new features have been added:
1. All lines printed an. the ASR-35 by the commands REPORT
.. and DIRECTORY wilI. he: tennina ted by XOFF CR LF ins tead of
2. The HP7970 Magrreti~ Tape Unit may be substituted for the
BP 3030 Magnetic: Tapa Unit. Users of HP 7970 should type:
~E - select code *
when entering MAG~E commands. (The * must appear if SC 10)
3. If a lIP 197Q is being used, the status conunand will print
an * after the Magtape select code.
Reasons for BP zaa~ ~ changes were to correct the following:
1. Using = signs: :firrs