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Models 2015 and 2016 Background Noise
Packing List

Measuring background noise in the presence of a signal with the Models 2015 and 2016
Starting with B08 firmware, the Models 2015 and 2016 have the ability to measure the background noise in the presence of
a signal. (Background noise is the RMS energy not contained in the fundamental or any of its harmonics).
The background noise is available after a distortion measurement has been taken, much in the same way the RMS value is
available. The same restrictions apply, i.e., the unit must be set to trigger one reading at a time and is available over the
bus only. The new bus command is :SENSe:DISTortion:BNOISe?
The background noise value can also be an option for the internal sweep measurement. An additional choice to the
:OUTPut:LIST:ELEMents command parameters of DIST and AMPL is BNOIS. The data returned from an
:OUTPut:LIST:DATA? query is ordered as , , , , , , etc. The
actual data elements sent are determined by the elements selected.
For example, if the command is:
the elements returned in response to a OUTP:LIST:DATA? would be:
, ,, , etc.

PA-698 Rev. A / 11-99