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13 JAN 1970

IBM 1130 Computing System User's Guide

This manual, covering a wide range of subjects that are of interest
to 1130 customer personnel, is designed for insertion in a workbook
along with user-generated materials. It deals with the steps to be
considered in any successful installation program: preinstallation
planning, documenting current applications~Cdesign of new appfica-
tions, conversion, program development, testing, and program
Additional topics discussed include the 1130 system, the 1130
Monitor, Job Management, Disk Management, Core Management,
File Organization, Disk Data Storage, FORTRAN and the Commer-
cial Subroutine Package, Sorting and System Evaluation - Performance.
It is suggested that the User's Guide be placed in a binder and
that dividers be inserted before the various sections. The resulting
workbook becomes the single major source of installation guidance
when you include your own data processing policies, standards, and
control forms.
IBM 1130 Computing System

This first reprint contains a few minor changes to the original edition, but does not in any
way obsolete the original edition.

Copies of this and other IBM publications can be obtained through IBM branch
offices. Address comments concerning the contents of this publication to:
IBM, Technical Publications Department, 112 East Post Road, White Plains, N.Y. 10601
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